Flying3D X6 Plus FPV Quadcopter

Flying3D X6 Plus quadcopter

Flying 3D X6 Plus with FPV upgrade

Just found out about this Flying 3D X6 Plus quadcopter but I can’t really call it a new model because the “basic” version of it was released many months ago. At the first sight the “Plus” edition is the well known Flying 3D X6 with a complete first person view system. The price difference between these two models is around $100.

Honestly, I can’t say that the 1MP camera is a huge upgrade and it’s worth the extra $100. Nevertheless, considering the fact that Flying 3D X6 Plus costs around $300 and you get for your money a complete FPV GPS model, this quadcopter will be on the wishlist of many people.

The real time video feed from the quadcopter’s camera is displayed on a 4.3″ color 5.8GHz FPV LCD screen to provide the unique sensation of the FPV flights.

This new Flying 3D X6 Plus comes with dual GPS and awesome features like: one key return to home and stable hovering.

Unfortunately, the extra weigh of the camera has dramatically decreased the flight time to around 8 minutes. In my opinion, the engineers from Flying 3D should have added a higher capacity battery to keep the 15 minutes of flight time from the previous model.

If I aroused your curiosity regarding this new quadcopter and you are interested to buy it, you can check the availability and price here.

Flying3D X6 Plus specs and features

  • Ready to fly (RTF) you get in the package all you need for your first flight;
  • Dual GPS auto positioning system;
  • One key return to home (RTH);
  • Failsafe return to home and land (when signal loss is detected);
  • Smooth hovering for perfect aerial stills;
  • 6 axis gyroscope;
  • 6 Channels, 2.4GHz transmitter;
  • 5.8G real-time transmission;
  • 1 MP 720P FPV camera;
  • 4.3″ FPV LCD display;
  • Flight time about: 8minutes;
  • Control range: up to 500 meters (in open field).

Flying3D X6 Plus package includes

  • X6 Plus Quadcopter with FPV camera;
  • 2s 7.4V 20C 1000mAh battery;
  • LI-Po battery charger;
  • 6 channel transmitter with 4.3″ FPV display;
  • 1 set of propellers;
  • 2pcs of landing gears;
  • Flying3D X6 Plus user manual.


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