Flywoo Firefly Hex Nano: Micro FPV Hexacopter

Photo of Flywoo Hex Nano drone

Flywoo’s new micro-class hexacopter can carry an Insta 360 GO 2 or SMO 4K camera. The Firefly Hex Nano has a 90mm wheelbase and weighs less than 60 grams (without battery). Flywoo opted for a 16x16mm flight stack made from GOKU F4 HEX flight controller and a 6in1 13 ESC board. Its tiny ROBO 1202.5 5500KV motors are equipped with 1.6″ 3-leaf propellers. The real-time image transmission is achieved using the 450mW Goku 625 5.8GHz VTX.

INAV version comes with Goku Mini GPS v2.0 module. iNAV is a fork of CleanFlight with a heavy focus upon GPS features for both airplanes and multirotor models.

FlyWoo includes with the Firefly Hex Nano a free set of propeller guards if you place your order until May 5. 

Flywoo Hex Nano features and specs

  • Ultra-light six-motor platform (weighs just 57.9 grams);
  • 90mm size carbon fiber frame;
  • Optional 3D printed propeller guard;
  • GOKU F4 HEX 13A flight stack;
  • Goku VTX625 450mw 5.8GHz VTX + Atomic 5.8GHz antenna;
  • ROBO 1202.5 5500KV motors + 3-leaf 1.6″ propellers
  • Goku mini GPS v2.0 (iNAV edition);
  • Can be installed with ultra-light cameras like SMO 4K or Insta360 GO2;
  • Optional FrkSy XM+ or TBS Crossfire Nano RX radio receiver;
  • 4S LIPO compatible (300-450mAh suggested).

Flywoo Hex Nano GPS INAV edition




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