GDU O2 Plus drone: New rival for Mavic Pro

GDU O2 Plus quadcopter

At first look, due to its large fuselage and silky sliding-arms, the GDU O2 Plus looks like a flying brick :). Instead of folding arms that leave the propulsion system exposed, during carry, the design of the GDU O2 Plus hide the propellers and motors inside the body.

In order to allows perfectly stable hovering capability, the dual GPS position system is enhanced with vision and sonic positioning system. The optical flow sensor offers great stability even when you are out of GPS coverage or you are flying indoor.

GDU O2 Plus drone sliding arms

Equipped with a UHD camera and 3-axis gimbal, you will be able to record outstanding aerial videos. Time-lapse and Slow-motion modes are also available. Through the “GDU Mini” APP you can display the camera’s live video feed on your smartphone.

According to the manufacturer’s specs, the hovering time is about 20 minutes without blade guards and 15 minutes with propeller protectors.

Drone enthusiasts are been waiting a while for a cheaper alternative of the DJI Mavic Pro. All are good, excepting that the advertised price of the GDU O2 Plus is close to its competitor’s. A few weeks ago, another Chinese drone manufacturer, C-Fly, has just launched a new Mavic alternative, the OBTAIN F803, at a much friendly price tag.

GDU O2 Plus drone features

GDU O2 Plus quadcopter highlights

  • Compact size with expandable arms;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Circle hovering, Rocket mode, Dronie and Follow me);
  • Dual positioning system (GPS and GLONASS);
  • Optical and sonic positioning system;
  • Dual frontal obstacle avoidance system;
  • Max. Horizontal Speed: 33.6 mph and Max. Ascend Speed: 11.2 mph;
  • 4K camera with 3-axis brushless gimbal;
  • Up to 13Mp photo resolution;
  • Multiple photo modes (Time-lapse, Burst, Slow-motion, and Gesture);
  • Up to 7 km control distance;
  • About 20 minutes of flight autonomy.

Bo Lorentzen had the chance at InterDrone 2017 to put his hand on the GDU O2 Plus, on the video below you can watch his quick review of this new drone.

Included with the GDU O2 Plus quadcopter

  • Remote controller with phone holder and built-in battery;
  • 3s, 4000mAh flight battery;
  • 1 set of spare propellers;
  • Charger set;
  • Cable set;
  • Accessory set;
  • User manual.


  1. Received one today only down side so far after a indoor test as it was raining heavy outside…… network will not work well with Samsung s7 edge


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