Hawkeye 4K Thumb camera for CineWhoops

With 4k recording, GyroFlow stabilization, and weight of just 15.5g is the perfect camera for small 2-3" CineWhoop FPV drones

Hawkeye 4K Thumb camera

When it comes to compact CineWhoop-style FPV drones is quite changing to install a full-size GoPro camera due to its heavy weight. Insta360 was the camera brand that provided ultra-light cameras for 2-3″ drones. The new Hawkeye 4K Thumb camera adopts a similar design but without a built-in battery. By comparison, the Insta360 GO 2 weights 26.5g and records 2.5K@50fps videos, and the FireFly 4K Thumb weights 15.5g and records 4K@50/30fps or in Pro mode (with GyroFlow data) 4K@30fps.

The Hawkeye 4K Thumb features a native 4:3 image sensor. At 2.5K video resolution, the 4:3 mode provides 36% more pixels than the 16:9 mode. So the stabilization in 4:3 mode is much better than in 16:9 mode. The 12MP Sony sensor provides a 170° field of view. It supports 5-23V DC inputs so that you can power it from the drone’s main battery (2-5s LIPO).

The FireFly 4K Thumb camera can save gyro data while recording. The sampling rate can up to 1000Hz, which according to Hawkeye, provides the most accurate data for GyroFlow stabilization.

Technical parameters

Image sensor SONY 12MP
Field of View (FOV) 170°
Video Resolution 4K 50/30FPS,2.5K 4:3 50/30FPS,2.5K 16:9 50FPS, 1080P 50/30FPS
Video with gyro data 4K 30FPS,2.5K 4:3 50/30FPS,2.5K 16:9 50FPS, 1080P 50/30FPS
Video format  .mp4/H.265
Storage SD Card 8-64G(U1 or above)
Connectivity USB Type C
Input voltage DC 5-23V
Dimensions 49×22×13.5mm
Weight 15.5 grams

Where can it be purchased, and at what price?

The Hawkeye 4K Thumb camera can be purchased from fireflycameras.com or from Banggood for $69.99. The price includes three power cables, two AV cables, and a 5-key configuration board. Using this “BGc98871” discount code, you can get 10% off the original price.


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