Holy Stone HS175: Ultralight (209g) GPS drone

Photo of Holy Stone HS175 drone

Despite its compact size and low-weight, the Holy Stone HS175 comes with plenty of intelligent flight modes like Follow me, Circle hovering, and Gesture control. It also has an onboard 2K camera capable to take 2048×1080 still photos and to record 1080p videos. The camera features 5Ghz WIFI real-time video transmission and angle adjustment.

With extended arms, ready to fly the drone measures 14.2*11.8*2.8″ and weighs 209 grams (0.46lbs). This number is very important because, in many countries including the US and Canada, drones under 250 grams are not required registration when you flying for fun. When it is folded, it becomes much smaller fitting inside your backpack easily.

Thanks to the fail-safe return to home function, in case of RC signal loss or low flight battery voltage, the drone will return autonomously to the take-off point. RTH can be as well manually engaged from the remote controller.

Holy Stone HS175 features and specs

  • Ultralight folding design, only 209 grams;
  • Dual-satellite positioning (GPS+GLONASS);
  • Onboard 2K UHD camera with angle adjustment;
  • 2048×1080 photo and 1080P video resolutions;
  • 5Ghz WiFi FPV transmission;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Tap Fly, Circle Fly, Follow me, and Gesture control);
  • Fail-safe RTH;
  • About 22 minutes of flight time (per battery);
  • Up to 350 meters control range.

Holy Stone packs their HS 175 drone with two batteries with a capacity of 1300mAh. Each battery allows up to 22 minutes of flight time and it comes with its own charge. These are modular batteries, so you need to charge them out of the aircraft.

The biggest drawback of this little drone is that comes equipped with brushed motors instead of brushless ones. Besides that, they are not providing stellar flight performance are less reliable compared to brushless ones.

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Included accessories with HS175 drone

  • Remote controller with phone holder;
  • Two pairs of spare propellers;
  • One set of blade protectors;
  • Battery chargers (two pieces);
  • USB charging cable;
  • Two flight batteries;
  • Handbag;
  • User manual.

Official promo video


  1. My brothers got me the HS175 for x-mas and is the first drone I’ve ever had. Set-up was kinda’ confusing because I haven’t managed to get the video working. I’m pairing it to an Iphone 5s and the app loaded fine.
    But I’ll tell you this thing is addicting. I’ll get it all working in time as I get familiar with it. But even I have been able to fly it. It sometimes has a hesitation with flight inputs but I’m still able to control it. I’m sure the fact that we are quite rural in the high desert of SW Utah helps as there is little MFI. In fact, there is very little of anything out here aside from the alfalfa fields.

  2. Junk, junk! You get what you pay for, should have known by the price.

    The first HS drone I bought would not work with my phone so HS sent me a replacement if I changed my review. First sign of a problem. Well the second drone is worst then the original and now I’m out $150 and no working drone. The new drone has a mind of it’s own and I have not been able to control the drone from day one. They are claiming I damaged interior parts during a crash, when in fact it never flew right. Just go to the Holy Stone Club on Facebook and read about the problems people are having.

    Time to spend my money with a better quality company like DJ!

  3. I returned my Holystone hs175 drone for a refund since there wasn’t a replacement option. I purchased it again once the refund was received. I’ve only had it a couple days no crashes and the camera is stuck in upward position. Wow. Time consuming. Irritating.

  4. I just got my Holystone HS175. It has GPS and flies stably in low winds. The camera quality is poor, but this drone is for those want to just fly…


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