HOMFPV Wingsuit: 2.5″ CineWhoop for Insta360 GO

HOMFPV is a relatively new name in the drone industry and the Wingsuit 2.5-inch CineWhoop will be their first product featured in our drone news section.

The HOMFPV Wingsuit is available in BNF version with Caddx Vista Nebula and PNP edition without camera and VTX. Both variants can be equipped with the ultralight Insta360 Go or a naked GoPro camera. In case you can’t use a different transmitter, the F405 is compatible with Futaba, Frsky, Spektrum, and Flysky radio receivers. The tiny 4500KV motors are matched with 2.5″ propellers and 25A ESC.

According to HOMFPV with a 4s/850 mAh LIPO pack, you can have up to 7 minutes of flight time.

Price and availability

As I previously mentioned this Wingsuit 2.5″ CineWhoop has two versions. While PNP HD version can be ordered from Banggood for $135.99, HD Vista edition for $289.99. Price includes camera mounts, but not batteries.

HOMFPV Wingsuit features and specs

  • 100mm size carbon fiber frame with Whoop style blade protectors;
  • PNP and DJI BNF opinions;
  • Onboard Caddx Vista Nebula (camera + HD digital VTX) kit (only in BNF);
  • Compatible with DJI FPV goggles and transmitter;
  • F405 2 In 1 flight stack with 25A BLHeli_S ESC;
  • 1106 4500KV brushless motors with 2.5″ 3-leaf propellers;
  • Vibration/Shock reduction camera mount;
  • Can be equipped with Naked Gopro or Insta360 Go camera;
  • 4S LIPO compatible (about 7 minutes flight time with 850 mAh LIPO pack);
  • Compatible with Futaba/CRSF/Frsky/Spektrum/Flysky radio receivers;
  • Take-off weight less than 250 grams.

Product photos

Insta360 GO installed on HOMFPV Wingsuit
Insta360 GO on top of HOMFPV Wingsuit
Without camera mount
Without a camera mount

Caddx Vista HD digital VTX

Test flight
Test Flight


  1. This quad is not recommended. I had to unscrew the antenna to update and bind the Vista. I had to unscrew a motor and guard to use Betaflight. I had to loosen the top plate to install the battery strap so the battery could be installed perpendicular to the body, the only way a battery fits well. The longer battery strap provided by HOMFPV was too wide to get by the top plate screws without complete removal. The quad is loud; significantly louder than my other 2”-2.5” quads. The goggle video has lots of jello. My fault for buying a first-generation and deviating from the three brands I usually purchase.


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