Huanqi H899C cheapest GPS quadcopter for GoPro

Huanqi H899C drone with GPS

Huanqi H899C drone with headless mode and GPS return to home

Surely, biggest advantage of this Huanqi H899C over the Syma X8 series is the GPS assisted return to home. When the flight battery is near empty, the quadcopter will automatically return to the take-off point.

While the H899C drone comes without a camera, it is promoted that is capable to carry GoPro or alike action cameras.

My only concern regarding these cheap RC toys is that are equipped with brushed motors so every one knows they are not too reliable. So hanging a $400 GoPro 5 camera on a $100 drone would be a reckless action, in my opinion.

In terms of design and size, the Huanqi H899C seems very similar with the Syma X8SW. Of course excepting that it comes without any camera.

Being powered by a 2000mAh battery, the advertised flight time is about 10 minutes.

Huanqi H899C quadcopter highlights

  • GPS positioning system;
  • Failsafe auto-return to home (on low battery voltage);
  • One key return to home (GPS assisted!);
  • Headless flight mode;
  • Powerful – can carry any GoPro alike camera;
  • Altitude hold;
  • Up to 350 meters control range;
  • About 9-11 minutes of flight autonomy (without extra weight).Huanqi H899C with quadcopter GPS return to home

Included with the Huanqi H899C

  • 2.4G remote controller;
  • 1 set of propeller protectors;
  • 7.4V 2000mAh flight battery;
  • Battery charger;
  • User manual.



  1. damn, sounds too good to be true! GPS quad for only $120.
    Do you know which flight controller is used on the Huanqi H899C? It is a open source? or some proprietary shit….


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