Inside the Syma X5C remote controller

Today I opened my Syma X5C 2.4Ghz remote controller. The default range is only 30m and I want to extend this range by adding a 3db 2.4Ghz antenna.

I think it’s very easy to replace that fake plastic antenna with a 3db 2.4Ghz from an old wifi router, or you can order one on eBay for only $6.

I think this hack will increase the range of the Syma X5C up to 100 meters.

After I get my antenna and make the mods I will come back with a step-by-step article about this transmitter hack.



  1. Hey I bought a Syna x5c and my transmitter stooped working. It doesn’t bind, no sound and the light stays on blues doesn’t flash. The screen doesn’t work :(
    How can i fix this ???

  2. The stock antenna isn’t grounded on the CB ( single wire with insulation ). Why must you attach both the shield and the inner cable to the board ? ( when adding an extension )

  3. The X5C I received just this month (Nov 2015) had the wire on the TX exactly as shown in the photos (blue power LED, to bind with Rev 6 Rx board). I found that the small transmitter ‘board’ had a very weak connection to the main PC board – be careful when working with these. I broke 3 of the traces on the main PC board, and repair was very difficult.

  4. Just fyi, the latest transmitter from Syma does not have a wire, as pictured, for the antenna. The antenna is now integrated on a small circuit board. Its a circuit board trace!

    • Many WiFi routers use antennas that are just traces on the board. This works OK as long as the traces have the right characteristics for the frequency being transmitted/received. Of course, a dedicated antenna is preferable, but a trace may actually perform better than you would think.

  5. I’m wondering if any one knows how many w or mW the tx puts out.
    I have several tx’s and wanna try a booster, but boosters requires a 1w input power level.

    • Hello josh,
      have you found an answer to your question. Me too I want to know how many mW puts remote controller.

      Thank in advance.

  6. I have done the 2-3cm wire mod and stuck it out the a hole on the tip of the original fake antenna and then stuck the Wifi router antenna cover down over the original … looks better than just having a wire sticking out and it works great – it easily hits the 100+ meter mark. and for some reason it goes way past the 100 meter mark in height …to the point I’m afraid to push it because it was already just a pinpoint in the sky. It is a mod well worth doing.

  7. Hi,
    I’m from Spain, and I am user of x5c syma.
    I lost one syma, and i bought another syma X5C so i have 2 Tx remote. In one of them i want to install a true wifi antenna.
    How have done thre installation?

  8. Can anyone tell me how high the X5C will fly?
    Also, can the place where you plug in the camera, be used as a “Channel” for plugin in a small servo instead?

    • Unfortunately it’s very hard to determine the exact height. I think it’s limited by the transmitter range.
      I hope after I will add the 3db antenna, this range will be increased and can fly to heights of 100m.


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