JJRC X11P SCOUTER+ GPS enabled 4K drone


JJRC’s latest X11P SCOUTER+ drone comes with a nice foldable design and onboard 4K camera. According to the first rumors, it is capable to record 3840 x 2160 with up to 20 frames per second. Furthermore, the camera features remote camera angle adjustment and 5G wifi real-time image transmission.

Thanks to the fail-safe RTH feature, when the JJRC X11P SCOUTER+ is out of control range it will return autonomously to the take of point. The same happens if the flight battery is nearly empty. The 2s/3400mAh LIPO pack allows up to 20 minutes of flight time.

While folded arms, the aircraft measures 195 x 115 x 70 mm, with arms extended has 452 x 415 x 70 mm. Take-off weight with loaded battery is 640 grams.

Size of JJRC X11P drone

JJRC X11P quadcopter features & specs

  • Compact size with foldable arms (195 x 115 x 70mm);
  • GPS positioning system;
  • Optical flow positioning;
  • 2204 type 1400KV brushless motors matched with 4in1 10A ESC;
  • On-board 4K camera with remote angle adjustment;
  • Up to 32GB micro SD card slot;
  • 5G WiFI real-time image transmission (720P@20fps);
  • Intelligent flight modes (Auto follow, Point of interest and Waypoint flying);
  • Newbie friendly electronic fence;
  • Fail-safe auto-return to home (low battery voltage or RC signal loss);
  • Up to 40Km/h flight speed;
  • About 20 of minutes flight time;
  • Up to 1600 meters control range.

JJRC X11P transmitter

Just like the Hubsan Zino 2, the X11P JJRC also comes with a nice remote controller with built-in status LCD. Thanks to the dual-antenna system it provides more than 1.5 KM control range. The transmitter is powered by two AA batteries, which allows about 12 hours using time.

In addition to the two control sticks, on the front panel, you have 4 buttons (RTH, Camera, Lock, and Power). In the case of week signal or radio interface, the RC’s integrated buzzer will send out loud warning beeps.

JJRC X11P accessories

Included accessories with the JJRC X11P SCOUTER Plus drone

  • Remote controller /w phone holder;
  • 1, 2 or 3 flight batteries (2s/3400mAh);
  • Two-channel charger;
  • USB Cable;
  • 1 set of spare propellers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Optional bag.
  • Drone instruction manual.


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