J.ME Follow Me quadcopter with WiFi FPV

J.ME quadcopter drone

J.ME Follow Me selfie drone from Feima Robotics

Feima Robotics, an unknown multi-rotor manufacturer, just announced their first selfie drone, called J.Me Follow Me.

Like most of the selfie drones, the J.Me comes without a physical remote control. The aircraft can be controlled in three ways trough your smartphone. While I’m already accustomed with virtual sticks and gyro control, I would be interested to test the voice control.

In front of the J.Me quadcopter is located a 4K camera. In order to allow smooth aerial videos, the camera is mounted on a 2-axis brushless gimbal. The camera features HD WiFi FPV (720P real-time image transmission).

Thanks to the optical flow and ultrasonic sensors, this Follow Me selfie drone can avoid obstacles by itself. Frankly, I doubt about the 100% accuracy of this feature.

Being powered by a 4s 3000mAh battery, the advertised flight autonomy is up to 23 minutes, which is comparable with the one my Phantom 3 Advanced has.

J.ME drone features and specs

  • Indoor positioning and obstacle avoidance (Optical flow + Ultrasonic);
  • Triple control mode (virtual sticks, gyro and voice control);
  • Circle hovering;
  • Follow me mode;
  • Waypoint missions;
  • One key to share;
  • Triple GPS positioning system (GPS, GLONASS and Beidou);
  • HD real-time video transmission (WiFi FPV);
  • 2-axis camera gimbal;
  • Up to 4k video recording;
  • Up to 4096 x 3072 photo resolution;
  • Up to 23 minutes of flight autonomy.

J.ME flight time

Package content:

  • J.Me quadcopter;
  • FM3000 Flight battery (4s, 3000mAh);
  • Balance battery charger;
  • Data cable;
  • User manual.

You can find more details here on the manufacturer’s website. (unfortunely it is only in Chines!).


  1. I would like to do another follow up on the Feima Robotics j.me drone.
    Since this last firmware update put out by FR, 1.3.14, they have stated that they have now included visual leaving and bettered the obstacle avoidance. I was so looking forward to this big update, but unfortunately it still isn’t there.
    I’m not sure if its my J.Me drone that has this problem or if others are experiencing it also. I updated my firmware in my drone and did the update on my controller 1.6.3. with no problems.
    I was let down once again by FR. Not only do I not have my visual leaving, but I never have and still don’t have obstacle avoidance, let alone a better working version of obstacle avoidance.
    I tried the avoidance in the house and still wasn’t there.
    I took my controller out of the equation (you never know) and just tried flying with my phone, but still nothing.
    I deleted my app off my phone and reinstalled it fresh and still nothing.
    Feima Robotics really needs to focus on the firmware releases it puts out.
    Other than these 2 features that never seem to work, I still am having fun using the other features which seem to work great.
    If anyone has any input about their experience I would appreciate a reply.
    And if Feima Robotics is reading this please help a frustrated owner with his drone.

  2. Followup,
    Since my last post there has been an update that addresses the graduated unlock mode. There is now no more graduated learning lock and all features ( features that are available but not as advertised ) are unlocked after the update. Thank you Feima!
    Speech flying works, but only if you speak mandarin. English is not available as of last update.
    I still cant get obstacle avoidance to work for me and am not willing to sacrifice the quad to find out the hard way.
    Waypoint flying works great, and hasn’t failed me yet. The only draw back with the waypoint flying is using google maps for the GPS. I only can get standard view with no terrain or satellite view. This makes it difficult to gauge distance between waypoints as there are no terrain features to use as guides.
    I have gone into my google maps and chose satellite view but when I get back to the waypoint screen it stays as standard view. If anyone has had better luck with this feature please post your reply.
    I’ll follow up with any new updates and features as they are released.

  3. I’ve had mine for about 1 month now.
    I found it to be very user friendly for experienced and novice flyers.
    I noticed that some ads for the drone come with spare props, but mine didn’t include any spare props.
    Fly time is about 20 minutes on average.
    Since the new firmware update 1.3.9, I have noticed better application of the follow me function.
    I did have one instance where I was using the follow me function and my J.Me Follow Me drone fell from the sky for no reason and crashed to the ground. Other than a few scratches on a couple props there was no real damage (‘TG I was only about 30 feet off the ground).
    I also bought the controller separate which really extends the range and the speed.
    I believe Feima Robotics has a good product here with a nice build quality. I also think they released this drone far too early as some features don’t work at all and others are glitchy. There is no obstacle avoidance that is operable. Also I noticed the headless mode is sometimes greyed out and sometimes available. Motion control is not very good at all. I have tried many times following the online instructions and I could really get it to work properly.
    A couple final points. Please take the time to over haul your website to include English for all instructions. I bought the controller which only included Chinese instructions.
    Last but not least…. GET RID of the graduated learning that forces everyone, included expert drone pilots to complete a set of tasks and flying times to unlock other functions. I bought and paid for my drone, let me decide what function I want to use without jumping through hoops.
    All in all, it’s a good build for a first release from Feima Robotics. Quality item.
    Please heed the needs of your consumers and act on what needs to be fixed. If you really want to break into the North American market, we need to be able to read from English instructions and website.
    Hope this helps anyone thinking of buying this drone, and I hope Feima Robotics deals with the issues that need attention.

  4. I would get one today but don’t really trust those Chinese websites that sells it.
    Nothing on : eBay, Amazon, jet, Ali express, Gearbest, banggood, Rakuten……..

    Anyone knows where I can find J.ME Follow Me other then geekbuying or hobbywow?
    I want a trustful seller with spare parts availability.

  5. Actually, this drone is called Feima Robotics J.ME!
    Biggest disadvantage of the wifi FPV is the short range, it has only 100 meters in open field :(
    Nice concept but with limited possibilities, if you want something PRO look for a DJI quad


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