J.ME Follow Me quadcopter with WiFi FPV

J.ME quadcopter drone

J.ME Follow Me selfie drone from Feima Robotics

Feima Robotics, an unknown multi-rotor manufacturer, just announced their first selfie drone, called J.Me Follow Me.

Like most of the selfie drones, the J.Me comes without a physical remote control. The aircraft can be controlled in three ways trough your smartphone. While I’m already accustomed with virtual sticks and gyro control, I would be interested to test the voice control.


In front of the J.Me quadcopter is located a 4K camera. In order to allow smooth aerial videos, the camera is mounted on a 2-axis brushless gimbal. The camera features HD WiFi FPV (720P real-time image transmission).

Thanks to the optical flow and ultrasonic sensors, this Follow Me selfie drone can avoid obstacles by itself. Frankly, I doubt about the 100% accuracy of this feature.

Being powered by a 4s 3000mAh battery, the advertised flight autonomy is up to 23 minutes, which is comparable with the one my Phantom 3 Advanced has.

J.ME drone features and specs

  • Indoor positioning and obstacle avoidance (Optical flow + Ultrasonic);
  • Triple control mode (virtual sticks, gyro and voice control);
  • Circle hovering;
  • Follow me mode;
  • Waypoint missions;
  • One key to share;
  • Triple GPS positioning system (GPS, GLONASS and Beidou);
  • HD real-time video transmission (WiFi FPV);
  • 2-axis camera gimbal;
  • Up to 4k video recording;
  • Up to 4096 x 3072 photo resolution;
  • Up to 23 minutes of flight autonomy.

J.ME flight time

Package content:

  • J.Me quadcopter;
  • FM3000 Flight battery (4s, 3000mAh);
  • Balance battery charger;
  • Data cable;
  • User manual.

You can find more details here on the manufacturer’s website. (unfortunely it is only in Chines!).


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