Jumper T8SG Multi-Protocol: One RC for all your drones

Jumper T8SG Multi-Protocol transmitter

As lately most of the drones can be purchased in BNF package (without RC), multi-protocol transmitters like the Jumper T8SG can save you lots of money and space. Why should you buy every drone with its own remote controller when you already have one compatible with most of the popular radio protocols.

Jumper T8SG Multi-Protocol is the first commercially manufactured transmitter that comes with the popular DeviationTx opensource firmware. While Deviation is profoundly influenced by both, the DEVO8 firmware (Walkera) as well as the ER9X firmware (Flysky/Turnigy), it has been written completely from scratch in order to be easily portable and adaptable.

Being curious to test this universal drone remote controller, I contacted the manufacturer to see if I can get one in order to review the Jumper T8SG. The answer was fast and positive :) but I need to wait because they want to do a facelift. The design of the first edition is too similar with the Futaba T8SG.

Jumper T8SG design

Mode 1 and Mode 2 versions are available. Conversion is possible but a bit complicated. Transmitter comes with a nice carry case and a conformable neck strap.

Jumper T8SG features and specs

  • All-in-one multi-protocol remote controller;
  • Comes by default with DeviationTX firmware;
  • Adjustable transmission power (0 ~ 150 mW);
  • STM32F103RCT6 ARM Cortex-M3 MCU with 256 Kbytes Flash, 72 MHz CPU;
  • 2MB 16Bit SPI serial flash storage (25VF016B);
  • 4 in 1 RF chip: JP-4MP (CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105 and CYRF6936);
  • 1.7″ status/menu LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels);
  • 10 different channels (expandable to 12);
  • Sound and vibration alert;
  • 2S Li-Po compatible.

Like the Taranis Q X7, the T8SG also features sound and vibrations alerts. This is very helpful when you have telemetry configured. For example, the remote controller will warn you when flight battery is near empty and it’s time to land.

Jumper T8SG transmitter RF chip compatibility

Manufacturer RF Chip  Radio protocols
Cyprus Semiconductor CYRF6936 DSM/DSMX
    Walkera Devo
Texas Instruments CC2500 FrSky
    Futaba SFHSS
Amiccom A7105 Flysky
    Flysky AFHDS2A 
Nordic Semiconductor NRF24L01 HiSky
    many other Chinese toy drones 


  1. it is my best remote! I’m using it with my Syma X8W as well as with all my Eachine racer drones. It can store many drone models. If you ask me about if I could switch the Jumper T8SG with a FlySky or FrSky transmitter, my answer would be surely NO!

  2. i have the jumper but not the jersey! (sorry had to get that one in)

    ideal for syma except x56. not been able to bind with anything else though. which would make it silly if a fuller only had 1 syma but i have not. tried a toad 90 with frysky—no chance–so the lesson here is choose wisely

  3. This Jumper T8SG radio is awesome. I absolutely love it. It is great for consolidating remotes and flying indoor Tiny Whoops. Great to have one remote for all drones!


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