Kingkong FLYEGG 100 FPV racer

KingKong FlyEgg drone

When it comes about indoor flights with brushless quads, even if they are small as this Kingkong FLYEGG 100, I always recommend to use propeller protectors. I know that they don’t offer 100% protection but are still more than nothing in case you bump into something or someone.

In case of the KaiDeng K130, it was obvious why they call it “flying egg”, but frankly, this Kingkong FLYEGG drone does not remind me at all about an egg.

Two lightweight aluminium mounting frames allow to adjust the 800TLV camera’s angle according to your needs (flight style).

In case that you already own a radio transmitter you can opt between the following receivers: FrSky, FlySky, DSM2 or Futaba.

KingKong Fly Egg 100 FC

While both Kingkong FLYEGG PNP and BNF packages include a 2s Li-Po battery, according  to the manufacturer’s specs, this mini drone can be powered also by a 3 cell battery.

Kingkong FLYEGG 100 features and specs

  • Robust carbon fiber frame;
  • Lightweight aluminium camera frame;
  • PIKO BLX(STM32F303CC and MPU6000) flight controller;
  • 800TVL camera with angle adjustment;
  • 5.8G 16CH VTX with switchable broadcast power (25/100mW);
  • Powerful brush-less motors;
  • Optional radio receiver (DSM2 – Spektrum, XM – FrSky, FS-RX2A – Flysky) or FM800 – Futaba);
  • Compatible with 2 and 3 cell Li-Po batteries.

KingKong FlyEgg inside the box

Kingkong FLYEGG 100 main parts / included in the box

  • 100 mm carbon fiber frame kit (including aluminium camera mount);
  • PIKO BLX flight controller + BLheliS 10A 2-3s 4 in 1 ESC;
  • 1 set of 1103-7800KV brush-less motors (2CW and 2CCW);
  • 1 set of motor protectors;
  • 25mW/100mW 16CH VTX;
  • CM231 800TVL camera with 150 degree lens;
  • 1 set of 1935 3-blade propellers (yellow and white);
  • 1 set of propeller guards;
  • 2S 350mAh 35C Li-Po battery;
  • USB cable;
  • Propeller wrench;
  • Rubber band for battery;
  • User manual.



  1. I am just starting back to this hobby. I have tried out Kingkong Fly Egg and it is very well constructed and hovers very well, very smooth. I love it a lot. I am having some issues in that I want to fly it around the house. I had to take it outdoors eventually because it is too heavy and has very large roll movements for covering a longer distance more quickly for racing. Is there a setting where I can make the roll to cover smaller distances for gimel movements and are there some things that I can mod to give the fly egg 130 less power. I could keep it for outdoors though but I stay indoors more. Is there a parent company for KINGKONG for tech support. Thank you.


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