P6A 4K Pocket Gimbal Camera: The FiMI Palm killer

KEELEAD P6A 4K Pocket Gimbal Camera

At first look, priced for only $165.99, the P6A 4K Pocket Gimbal looks like an affordable alternative for the FiMI Palm. It features similar size and design. Both pocket gimbals are capable to record 4K videos with up to 30 frames per second. While the FiMI Palm has up to 100 Mbps, the P6A only 60 Mbps. Based on my experience, usually means better image quality.

Despite the high capacity battery (1600mAh), the P6A has only 140 minutes of working time. The bigger battery adds some extra weight, making the P6A the heaviest pocket gimbal right now.

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In addition to live-view touchscreen you have only two buttons, “power” on left and “shutter” on back of the KEELEAD P6A gimbal. Thanks to the built-in connectivity you can easily control the gimbal via your phone as well.

The P6A pocket gimbal features 4 working modes: Follow, FPV (first person view), Half Follow and Tilt Locked.

KEELEAD P6A Pocket Gimbal Camera features and specs

  • Compact size (129.5 x 38 x 41.5 mm);
  • 3-axis motorized stabilization;
  • 1/3.06 inch CMOS image sensor with 12MP effective pixels;
  • 4K@30fps video recording – up to 60Mbs;
  • Four operation modes (Follow, FPV, Half Follow and Tilt Locked);
  • Integrated color live-view touchscreen;
  • Built-in microphone and speaker;
  • Wireless WiFi connectivity;
  • Built-in Type: 1600mAh lithium-ion battery (about 140 mins working at 1080@30fps).

P6A Pocket Gimbal vs FiMI Palm Vs DJI Osmo Pocket

In the table bellow I will try to compare the most important specs of each 4K pocket gimbal. I highlighted with red were the P6A Pocket Gimbal excels, with green were the FiMI Palm shines and with blue the Osmo Pocket’s absolute pros.

 KEELEAD P6AOsmo PocketFimi Palm
Dimensions129.5 x 38 x 41.5 mm122 x 37 x 29 mm127 x 31 x 23 mm
Weight134 grams116 grams120 grams
Stabilization3-axis mechanical3-axis mechanical3-axis mechanical
Gimbal rangePan axis: -230° – +50°
Roll axis: ±45°
Tilt axis: -95° – +50°
Pan: -230° – +50°
Tilt: -95° – +50°
Roll: -45° – +45°
Pan: -245° – +65°
Tilt: -105° – +105°
Roll: -90° – +90°
Gimbal modesFollow, FPV, Half Follow and Tilt LockedFollow, Tilt Locked and FPVFollow, Pitch Lock, FPV and All Locked
ControlsShutter + Power buttonMode + Shutter buttons5-way joystick + Shutter button
DisplayTouchscreen1.08″ Touchscreen1.22″ Touchscreen
Sensor size1/3.06″ CMOS1/2.3″ CMOS1/2.3″ CMOS
Max video resolution4K@30fps4K@60fps4K@30fps
Max bit-rate60Mbps100 Mbps100 Mbps
Built-in micYesYesYes
Wireless connectivityYesNo (optional WiFi module)Yes
USB portType-CType-CType-C
Tripod mountYesNoYes
Battery1600mAh875 mAh1000 mAh
Run time140 minutes140 minutes240 minutes
Price$165.99Order from Banggood$369 – Order from DJI$199.99 – Order from GearBest



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