Q8 Mini Drone: DJI MINI 2 clone under 250g

Photo of Q8 Mini Drone

Like many 2021 releases, the Q8 Mini Drone follows the DJI’s MINI 2’s design in almost every aspect. Ready to fly with extended arms measures 205x170x50mm and weighs just 188 grams. Drones under 250g can be used without special registrations in most countries (Note: in order to avoid getting fined, always check the local rules prior to your flight!!!).

The Q8Mini is advertised with a top battery life of 18 minutes and a flight range of 200 meters. By comparison, the MINI 2 has 31 minutes of flight time and up to 10km range.

Q8 Mini Drone features and specs

  • Mavic 2-like folding design;
  • Super compact (205x170x50mm) and lightweight (188 grams);
  • 4K HD mechanical lens, all-round recording of aerial pictures;
  • GPS intelligent positioning;
  • Optical flow positioning (OFP);
  • 6 LED lights for night flights;
  • About 200 meters flight range;
  • Up to 18 minutes of battery life.

Design of Q8Mini drone

Included accessories with the Q8Mini drone

  • Remote controller;
  • Set of spare propellers;
  • Modular Lipo Battery;
  • USB Charging Cable;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Storage bag;
  • User Manual.


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