SKYZONE SKY02O FPV Goggles with SteadyView

Photo of SKYZONE SKY02O FPV goggles

While many pilots started to switch from analog FPV to digital one, dinosaurs like SKYZONE still focus on improving their 5.8G FPV goggles. The new SKYZONE SKY02O enhances the image quality by merging two signals into one. To be honest I doubt that SteadyView can provide similar image quality that the upcoming DJI FPV goggles V2.

In order to allow stable receptions, the Diversity receiver is equipped with two types of antennas (Patch and Ommi). The SKY02O headset has HDMI IN and AV IN ports for external video sources. Thanks to the integrated DVR module, you will be able to record the journey of your FPV lights without any additional gear.

The high-quality 640×400 OLED displays provide a 29° field of view. The SKYZONE SKY02O allows PID adjustment in a range of 59 to 69mm. It is compatible with Fatshark diopter lenses.

Core features of SKY02O

SKYZONE SKY02O features and specs

  • Dual-LCD design with 29° FOV (field of view);
  • IPD adjustment (59-69mm);
  • OLED 640×400 display;
  • SteadyView Diversity receiver;
  • Built-in DVR (MJPEG 30fps recording);
  • HeadTracker (3-axis Accelerometer & 3-axis gyroscope);
  • Support 4 preset screen settings and 3 customized settings for different flight conditions;
  • Easy to access IO ports and buttons;
  • Wide range of input voltage (2-6S LiPo compatible);
  • Two types of antennas (Patch and Ommi).

Product images

I/O ports
I/O ports
OLED screens
User interface
User interface




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