SpeedWolf SP-Basic20 GPS Quadcopter

Recently I found a new quadcopter manufacturer, the SpeedWolf. They have only one aircraft model that they sold in three different configuration:

  • SpeedWolf SP-Basic20 –  Basic configuration, without camera and first person view;
  • SpeedWolf SP-HD20  – SP-Basic20 with onboard 1080 HD camera;
  • SpeedWolf SP-AP20 – SP-HD20 with Gimbal camera mount and FPV system.

All the three versions of the SpeedWolf Rotocraft quadcopter can be purchased together with on of the 2200mAh, 2800mAh  or 5600mAh 11.1V Li-po battery, depending on how long you want to fly this aircraft (from 15 up to 30 minutes).

This new quadcopter from Speedwolf looks like a DJI Phantom clone and fallows other successful models like the Cheerson CX-20, WL 303 and QR X350.

The SpeedWolf SP-AP20 can be equipped with any GoPro compatible cameras and can be the perfect system for professional aerial videography.

SpeedWolf SP-Basic 20 Rotorcraft Quadcopter features

  • Accurate hover;
  • One-click return to home;
  • Auto take-off and auto-landing;
  • Different flight modes;
  • Remote control signal loss protection;
  • Low voltage auto-return protection;
  • Aircraft battery capacity display;
  • Onboard GPS and compass module ;
  • 2.4GHz remote control with an impressive 800-meter distance of control;
  • Big battery compartment, can be installed two 3S 2200mAh or one 3S 5600MAH Li-po battery;
  • 15 – 30minutes flight time, depending on the installed battery;
  • Optional Speedwolf HD camera;
  • Optional Gimbal camera mount for GoPro;
  • Indoor and Outdoor use.

SpeedWolf SP-Basic 20 specs:

  • Size: 310 x 310 x 92 mm;
  • Arm length: 425mm;
  • Propeller size: 228 mm;
  • Motor type: KV 935;
  • Battery voltage: 11.1 volts;
  • Extra loading weight: 500G;
  • Flight Load: 1.3KG to 1.5KG;
  • Flight Time: 15—30 minutes;
  • Maximum lifting speed 8m/s;
  • Maximum flying speed: 15m/s;

My first quadcopter was a toy grade Syma X5C. I purchased this cheap multi-rotor in order to learn to fly with a quadcopter. Now, I think it’s time to move on to something more professional like the SpeedWolf Rotorcraft SP-Basic 20 GPS quad.


  1. I got confused when I saw Speedwolf and thought it was the VARJRA 80 model.
    I do not know this drone but it does look similar to the DJI Phantom series.
    Phantoms are good but would not recommend the Speedwolf VAJRA 80 model.
    The quality and support is terrible.

  2. I would like to know your opinion on the SpeedWolf SP-FPV quadcopter.
    I’m thinking of buying one and I worried about the quality with its price. If you could reply, i would be very great full.


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