Syma X8W test flight and impressions

Syma X8W quadcopter maiden flight

I received this quadcopter about a month a go. Over this period I have flown it many times and I can tell that it is a nice and stable flyer.

During one of my test flights with the Syma X8W I lost my control over the aircraft and crash landed. The quadcopter almost hit deadly a wild rabbit that probably came from the nearest forest right into my flying zone. My camera was pointed to another direction so the “funny” part when the frightened rabbit ran away from the Quadcopter was not immortalized by the video camera. Thinking of playing with my quad in a park full of children, I’m sure the parents would have lynched me, not talking about the injuries that can produce such a large quad hitting a kid. This is why I fly only on large open fields without people around.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance yet to explore its full potential by replacing the stock WIFI camera with a full HD quadcopter camera.

The only investment that I made was to order a second spare battery, which was proved not to be a good idea because it is longer and wider than the X8W stock battery. I finally managed how to use it but the battery bay’s door can’t be closed correctly.

Syma X8W maiden flight video

If you are interested to find more about this Syma model, please take a look on my X8W quadcopter review.

BTW, did somebody tested the newer X8G? I’m very curious how perform that 8MP camera and how much decreased the flight time because of the extra weight.


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