T-MOTOR TRON 80: HD digital Whoop for SMO 4K

Photo of T-MOTOR TRON 80

Similar to the Beta95X V3, the T-MOTOR TRON 80 also features a pusher (inverted motors) design with Whoop blade protectors. This approach promise improved stability, greater efficiency, and easy control. As its name says, it is built on an 80mm size carbon fiber frame. It adopts a T-MOTOR F4 flight controller with integrated 13A ESC.

Its tiny F1103 8000KV brushless motors are equipped with 1.6″ 4-leaf propellers. According to the advertised specs with a 3s 450mAh battery, you can have up to 7 minutes of flight time.

In addition to the Caddx Nebula Nano camera, you can install a Naked GoPro or SMO 4K camera for UHD recording. The digital video transmitter is achieved by using a Caddx Vista VTX.

T-MOTOR TRON 80 HD Digital key features

  • Inverted (pusher) design with Whoop blade protectors;
  • Reinforced 80mm size carbon fiber frame (105*109*33mm);
  • T-MOTOR F4 AIO flight controller with built-in 13A BL_S ESC;
  • F1103 8000KV brushless motors + 1.6″ 4-leaf propellers;
  • Caddx Nebula Nano camera + Caddx VISTA HD digital VTX;
  • 4 RGB LED lights for night flights;
  • Can carry a naked GoPro or SMO 4K camera;
  • About 6-7 minutes flight time with 3S 450mAh battery.

Update: Five months later, T-Motor came up on the market with the analogue version of the Tron 80. This new edition weighs 12 grams less, and it has a 400mW 48CH VTX and Caddx ANT camera.

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Key features
Key features
main specs
Main specs
Power system
Power system (motor, prop, battery)
Radio receiver
Radio receiver



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