TransTEC Demon: 95mm sized Ghost Whoop :D

TransTEC Demon 95mm FPV drone quadcopter

In addition to the cool Tiny Whoop alike blade protectors, the TransTEC Demon mini FPV drone features a nice Ghost shaped protective canopy. As Halloween is almost here, I bet kids will love to play with this Ghost Whoop. Especially that during night flights the canopy is glowing in bloody red :D

Even if the ducted propeller design proved to be not just cool, but also very safe, I do not recommend to be used for indoor flights or around people. Those powerful 6800KV brushless motors and 5-leaf propellers can produce nasty injuries.

The tiny frontal FPV camera is paired with a 5.8G/25mW wireless video transmitter (VTX), which is just fine for proximity park flying.

TransTEC Demon core features & technical specs

  • 95mm sized frame with ducted blade protectors and transparent canopy;
  • TransTEC F3 flight controller with built-in barometer;
  • Trans TEC 15A 4-in-1 Blheli-S ESC;
  • 1104 6800KV brushless motors;
  • 2 inch, 5-blade propellers;
  • 5.8GHz 25mw with Smart Audio;
  • On-board FPV camera;
  • Compatible with 2s LiPo batteries.

The TransTEC Demon 95mm is advertised in PNP package, which means that no radio receiver, transmitter and battery are included. Hope that at least a nice user manual is provided, to will help newbies install a compatible receiver and make the bind with their remote.



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