X-CAM A10-3H 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro

X-cam A10-3H 3-axis gimbal

X-CAM A10-3H – Cheapest 3 axis brushelss gimbal

Frankly, this X-CAM A10-3H 3-Axis gimbal sold for only $60 is so cheap that doesn’t need any “11.11” or “Black Friday” discounts. Over the time a reviewed many quadcopter gimbals, from cheap ones to expensive ones. Curiously, the offered features were very similar.

According to the number of motors, the drone gimbals can be categorized in 1, 2 or 3 axis gimbals. Till now, the 2 axis gimbals were the most commonly used because they have the best functionality/price ratio. For high-demand aerial filming I recommend to use 3-axis gimbals like this X-CAM A10-3H.

The camera frame is designed for GoPro 3 cameras, but in my opinion will accept any other action cameras with similar size and weight.

According to the specs, this 3-axis gimbal can perform 360 degree rotation on the YAW-axis. Which is very useful, especially if you want to capture some nice aerial panoramas.

Unlike other cheap gimbals, where the controller board is directly exposed to damages during crashes, the X-CAM A10-3H’s controller board comes in a nice protective case.

X-CAM A10-3H features and specs

  • 3-axis stabilization;
  • 360 degree rotation (YAW travel);
  • Tilt travel:  +/- 90degree;
  • Rolling travel:  +/- 45degree;
  • Firmware upgradeable;
  • Parameters adjustment (fine tuning);
  • Sensor calibrations;
  • Remote controller using PPM signals;
  • Suitable for 2s, 3s, and 4s Li-Po batteries (7.4v – 16.8v);
  • Built-in AV-output and charging module (works with certain cameras only!);
  • Total weight: 280 g.

The included user manual is very detailed and will help you calibrate the gimbal but also how to perform firmware upgrade.

Included with the A10-3H gimbal

  • X-CAM A10-3H frame with motors;
  • A10-3H 3-axis brushless gimbal controller;
  • USB data cable;
  • PPM servo cable;
  • 5 pieces of vibrations reduction damping balls;
  • 4 pieces of rubber rings;
  • 4 pieces of fastener rings;
  • Instruction guide.


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