Share your XMAS quadcopter

Share your Christmas quadcopter

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope all of you got what you’ve wished for Christmas and you spent the best time with your dear ones. I always loved Christmas because I love giving and receiving gifts and for the special moments inside the family that give me energy for the next year.


If you’re reading me now, that means you received as a Christmas gift a new multi-rotor or maybe even your first quadcopter. I’m familiar with the thrill of getting such a gift and I congratulate you for your new quadcopter. This Christmas I offered a quadcopter to my son as I considered that he’s old enough to handle such a RC toy.

I chose the Syma X12 mini quad as I considered it suitable for his age, very resistant and also very small, perfectly suitable for indoor flight.

Nevertheless, my opinion is that the Syma X5C and X5C-1 version was the favorite Christmas gift and even the 2014 favorite quadcopter.

After few flights with your first quadcopter, I guarantee that you’ll feel that you got the funniest present ever. After such a experience, I bet you’ll want another one for next Christmas or even sooner than that, maybe a more sophisticated and complex one. I hope, after you loaded the batteries, that you succeeded to have a first flight without any malfunction or other operating problems.

I created this page in order to get a feedback from all of you that received or give a quadcopter this Christmas. So, please share with us your experience!

Share your quadcopter flight around the Christmas tree

As someone has to start, I’ll be the first one :)

I ordered the Syma X12 35 days ago as I knew that Xmas is coming and expeditions will agglomerate in this period of the year. The package arrived in time, just 3 days before Christmas :). Using a discount coupon, I succeeded to purchase this toy for only $17.99, witch is, in my opinion, the best price for Syma X12 at this moment. After I packed it nicely and Santa has come with a lot of presents, it was the first gift my son started to unpack. I think this is a good clue that he wished for this gift :). In 10 minutes the little Syma X12 was flying through our living-room. I hope your story has a happy end also and you experienced as much fun as we did.

You can share with us your first xperiences with your Xmas quadcopter right here.


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