YIFEI M-250 with brushless motors

YIFEI M - 250 quadcopter

Parrot YIFEI M-250 Quad aka JJRC X1

Few days ago I read about a very similar model, the X1 from JJRC. This YIFEI M-250 quadcopter looks to be the same model sold under a different brand name.

Honestly, till now I was a Syma fan. I considered their models to be the best ones in the middle range ($50-$150). I think that the powerful and stable Syma X8W was the first affordable quadcopter suitable for aerial filming. The brushless motors which comes with this Parrot YIFEI M-250 can make a big difference in terms of reliability.

Being powered with a high capacity 1200mAh Li-Po battery, this YIFEI M250 has probably the longest play time on its price range. Although the battery has two cells, in the package is included only a standard charger not a balance charger.

On the top of the aircraft there is a piece of plastic which can be confused with a GPS antenna but I think is only part of the design.

YIFEI M250 highlights

  • Reliable brushless motors;
  • Adjustable flight speed rates (3 levels);
  • 6 Axis gyro stabilization;
  • LED lights for better orientation;
  • 15 minutes flight autonomy;
  • High capacity Li-Po battery;
  • Extremely good flight range.

Parrot YIFEI M-250 package includes

  • The aircraft with 4 brushless motors;
  • 2s 7.4 1200mAh battery;
  • 2.4 GHz remote controller;
  • 1set of spare propellers;
  • 1set o propeller guards;
  • 2pcs of landing skids;
  • YIFEI M-250 user manual.


  1. any news about the TX compatibility? will work with Devention transmitters?
    BTW, Yes you have right it seams to be identical with the JJRC X1!


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