Airport Helipak quadcopter backpack

Airport Helipak quadcopter backpack

Can one backpack be fit for all your gadgets (DSLR and GoPro camera, Laptop, and quadcopter)? Until I found out about Think Thank Photo’s new Phantom Airport Helipak™ I did not think this is possible.

I’ve started my journey in the world of quadcopters one year ago and till now I didn’t think to do anything about solving the quadcopter transportation problem. I always kept the original box and every time I had the opportunity to fly my toys outside my town I struggled to fit the quadcopter into its original box. Along with this, I had to carry my camera gears (flash, spare lenses, and filters) and laptop in my NG5100 backpack that served me very well over many years. Of course, the fact that I had more toy graded quadcopters had a role in this.

Airport Helipak quadcopter backpack review

Now, I am closer and closer to get my first semiprofessional quad, the just-released DJI Phantom 3 and I am through with having to carry two or three packs with me every time I’m traveling and want to enjoy my hobbies too. This new Phantom Airport Helipak seems to be the best option for me. At $239, it may not be the best price on the market for such a backpack, but it is the best solution for me and it comes in the best quality (durable water-repellant coating and YKK RC Fuse zippers). I love that it has enough room for each gadget I need when I travel.all-in-one quadcopter backpack

The size of this backpack is designed especially to fit into the overhead compartment of the airplane, this way you can take care of your beloved gadgets wherever you go. But before you fly, I recommend checking with your airline the accepted size and weight of the backpack.

Compared to other foam molded quadcopter cases and backpacks, the Helipak has separators with velcro tapes that allow redesigning the entire interior compartment of the backpack. So in just 5 minutes, you can have a full photography backpack with enough space for two DSLR cameras, 5 lenses, 2 flashes, and many other accessories.

As in my country, 1st of Mai is an official holiday, finally, I had enough time to escape in nature. I loaded my new backpack with my quadcopter, photo gears, sports camera, and a few sandwiches :). After several hours of hiking the backpack with lumbar support and adjustable shoulder, the harness feels very comfortable. The articulated air-channels will keep you dry while you’re trekking by foot or mountain biking. It’s inevitable to be caught by the rain during spring in the mountains and it happened now too, but the content of my Think Tank Photo quadcopter backpack was perfectly safe due to its rain cover with waterproof stitching. The rain cover will protect the backpack and its precious contain not just against rain and snow but from mud and dust.

The Airport Helipak is promoted and sold as a Phantom backpack but probably is compatible with any other 350mm sized quadcopters, like the Walkera QR X350 or the Cheerson CX-20.Phantom backpack

In my opinion, this Airport Helipak all-in-one backpack from Think Tank Photo is a smart choice for comfortable and safe transportation of your Phantom quadcopter together with all your other gadgets wherever you’re going.

Airport Helipak backpack features and specs:

  • Dedicated to DJI Phantom quadcopters;
  • Durable and long-lasting materials;
  • YKK® RC Fuse zippers;
  • Dedicated 15” padded laptop pocket;
  • Internal see-through mesh pockets for propellers, screwdriver, cables, and other small accessories;
  • Exterior pocket for water bottle;
  • Height adjustable sternum strap;
  • Robust handles on three sides;
  • Detachable rain cover;
  • 4pcs of protective rotor thread caps included;
  • Exterior dimensions: 35.6 x 52.1 x 22.9 cm (14” W x 20.5” H x 9” D);
  • Interior dimensions: 33 x 47.8 x 19.3cm (13” W x 18.8” H x 7.6” D);
  • Laptop compartment: 30 x 44 x 3.5cm (11.8” W x 17.3” H x 1.4” D);
  • Weight (with all accessories): 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs.).

Updates on 21 March 2016

I’ve just checked the manufacturer’s website for the compatibility of this backpack with DJI’s latest model. And I found that the Airport Helipak backpack is fully compatible with the DJI Phantom 4 quadcotper (with propellers off).

Updates on 08 December 2017

Airport Helipak V2.0 for DJI Phantom 4 and older

As drone design continues to evolve, Think Tank announced an upgraded version of this backpack, called Airport Helipak V2.0.

While the interior design remains unattached, the outer look of the backpack was changed. The laptop compartment was moved from interior to exterior, allowing easier access to it.


  1. I just placed my order for the Phantom 4 and I’m looking for a nice backpack for it.
    Is it comfortable for all day caring? Does it fit for all DJI Phantom models?


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