Cheerson CX-30W WIFI FPV quadcopter for iPhones

A few months ago, the Chinese Cheerson manufacturer launched a very attractive quadcopter with an extremely ugly remote controller, the CX-30.

Now, they quit with the physical remote controller and they added to the CX-30W remote control support with modern IOS mobile phones (iPhones from Apple).

Right now I received an email from the manufacturer. I have asked them about the Android OS support for the CX-30W. The response was disappointing: at this time you can’t fly with the Cheerson CX-30w using your Android device (smartphone or tablet).

For real-time video transfer from the quadcopter’s camera to your iPhone or iPad you must download and install from the “Apple App Store” the CX_WiFiUFO” application.

The Cheerson CX-30W, with a price under $69 (excluding shipping and taxes), will be a very fun full toy-grade quadcopter. The scheduled availability of this aircraft is after 1th of September 2014.

Cheerson CX-30W Wi-Fi quadcopter features

  • 2.4Ghz WIFI signal-controlled quadcopter;
  • Remote control distance 30-50 meter;
  • Real-time image transmission;
  • First-person view;
  • onboard camera for both picture and video shooting.
  • Live video distance: 20 meter
  • 4 channel quadcopter with 6 axis gyroscope;
  • Can be hand launched;
  • 2 flight speed mode for different players;
  • Low battery voltage alarm;
  • LED lights for night flight;
  • High capacity 700mHa battery;
  • Flight time: 5 – 8 minutes;
  • size: 185 x 185 x 20mm.


  1. I use it at home with wifi but outside I try to use my cx-30 with smartphone.My phone doesnt see the cx-30. How can I connect my copter to my phone??
    Should I use rc transmitter for this connection at outside

  2. Just unboxed my CX-30w and no video, Downloaded the app, connect the quadcopter, no picture on my iPhone.

    Anybody had similar problems?

  3. Hi. I’m a first time RC owner. My cx-30w appears to need calibration from the research I’ve done.
    I have tried to accomplish this using the instructions, have had no luck.

    Do you any helpful tips for me? Thanks for any info.

  4. I tried to fly the CX-30W once, however it seems to be non calibrated.
    The reason is that every gear works properly while the quad cannot take off (only two feet take off, the other two remain on floor).
    Why? How to calibrate it?

  5. how to calibrate the cx-30w?
    I put it in high speed (3 beeps) and the left and right controls placed them at the bottom right. and nothing happens.
    In the instruction manual can be read “when finish decoding, Please adjust the high / low High Gear to the position …”
    Am I doing something wrong?
    What does “when finish decoding?” decoding whaaaaat ????

  6. To sink the app turn on the quadcopter go to phone wifi settings (I’m using Samsung s4 Android 4.4.4 Kitkat) you’ll see the quadcopter in the list.
    Click on it to connect then got to app and bigo your fit to go..

  7. Hi,
    I recently purchased the CX-30W and am having trouble syncing the remote control with the quadcopter. I am able to control the quadcopter with the iphone app, but do not know how to sync the remote to the quadcopter.
    Do you have any instructions or guides on how to do so?
    Your help is much appreciated!

    • You didn’t find the user’s manual in the CX-30W ‘s package??
      Usually, for the sync quadcopters with transmitter, you have to push the throttle lever to the highest position and then pull it back to the lowest position. The pre-fly state is marked with one clear sound from the remote controller.
      I will look on the internet for the CX-30W user manual / quick guide and I will post it on the download section.

  8. Myeh, I know. But look at this video : h t t p s://

    Starting at 2:50 you can see what I’m talking about. But other than this video, I see no reference to the transmitter/controller that is shown there. I’m looking for that specific info.
    Also, I’m reading everywhere that at the moment, only an Iphone/Ipad is supported, but you CAN download the “UFO” app for Androids too, and it even gets updated at regular intervals. It’s … odd. :)

    • That transmitter is for CX-30S, probably a new quadcopter from Cheerson.
      I contacted personally the cheerson cx-30w ‘s manufacturer/seller about the Android support, they answered me: “no android support at this time”.
      Probably mean while they solved the problem, or the software is made by third-party.

      • Ah, that makes sense. (The CX-30S being another model, essentially duplicating a X4 107D).

        As for the droid version of the software, It looks EXACTLY like the Iphone version in terms of look and feel. It is labbeled as a product of “ChengXing Aeromodelling Technology”, it looks far too polished to be some fast whackjob. So the droid version will _probably_ be legit too.

        I think I’ll hang back a bit and see what/if that CX-30S lands or not. :) Not a real big fan of Droid/Iphone controlled Wifi devices myself.

        Thank you for your input !

  9. Hi there !

    In one of the product videos, you can see a CX-30W (?) being controlled by an Iphone. However, it the same video, at a given moment, the quad is contolled by a transmitter (not the super-duper-ugly one, but a white one with a “CX-30W” sticker on it, and the phone is clipped on the transmitter, only providing the FPV image.
    Is that a different model ?


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