FPV backpack for racing drones by Think Thank

FPV Session Backpack for racing quadcopters

FPV Session Backpack for racing quadcopter enthusiasts

If you are a FPV fanatic you already know that one racing quad is never enough. Don’t mention the other accessories (FPV glasses, spare batteries, etc.). This is why I like the concept of this FPV Session Backpack, it can fit up to 4 racing quads (150 – 280 mm ones), transmitter, propellers and a lot of other stuff.

Among the many racing quadcopters which I received for review, only one came with a backpack. The rest of them came only in a cardboard box, which makes it very difficult for me to take more quads in a longer FPV session. I tried to look for a proper bag that fits my needs but unfortunately most of the quadcopter backpacks are designed for a specify model. Anyway even if they fit for other models too, they can store only one at a time.

I have read somewhere that the Budapest subway company has continuous problems with infiltration of water on the tracks sections passing under the Danube. The engineers from Wien U-Bahn opted for a much simpler solution (probably cheaper too), to cross over the river. Sorry for the off-topic, but I wanted to underline that everything is about the approach, why complicate things for which you can find simple solutions. Why design dedicated drone compartments instead of just hanging them in handy way like Think Thank did through their FPV Session Backpack.FPV Session backpack review - Hands-on

Last year I reviewed another quadcopter bag from Think Thank Photo, the Airport Helipak Phantom Backpack.  I still own that backpack and I use it every time I’m traveling. It is also suitable for safe storing not just for transportation. Besides of its spicy price I do not have any complains. It is very comfortable and can store all the gears I need for a great photo session (in the air as well as on the ground).

Think Thank Photo FPV Session backpack highlights

  • Dividers with Velcro tap which allow easy reconfiguration of the interior space according to your needs;
  • Dedicated top compartment keeps your transmitter and FPV goggles easily accessible;
  • Elastic pockets for multiple flight batteries;
  • Elastic straps are perfectly sized for an antenna, tools, or other small parts;
  • Internal mesh pockets for small accessories (like: propellers, screwdriver and cables).
  • Zipped external side pocket;
  • External webbing daisy chains and buckles for easily attaching FPV drones to the front of the backpack;
  • YKK RC Fuse zippers;
  • 420D high-density and velocity nylon fabric for long-lasting durability in rough conditions;
  • Seam-sealed rain cover included;
  • Side pockets fit water bottles or a small tripod;
  • Adjustable harness with air-channel, height adjustable sternum strap and a removable webbing waist belt allowing travel into remote areas.FPV Session drone backpack review - Zippers

FPV Session backpack review

Before I’m getting into details I should thank Brian from Think Thank Photo for offering this bag in order to make a honest review. Also thanks for the included additional accessories.

The backpack was delivered in about 2 weeks from US to Europe and it came in a cardboard box. Arrived home I immediately removed the bag from the box and the nylon bag.

On first impression, the FPV Session backpack not just that looks extremely well made but it also seems to be very comfortable. The size of the bag is about 31 × 51 × 17 cm and weights arround 1.1 Kg.

The durability of this TTP backpack is guaranteed by the YKK RC Fuse zippers, as well as the 420D high-density and velocity nylon fabric.FPV Session drone backpack review - What Fits

Can accommodate the followings:

  • Up to 2-4 racing drones outside or 2-3 inside with removed propellers;
  • Radio transmitter;
  • FPV glasses;
  • FPV monitor;
  • Many Li-Po batteries;
  • Antenna, propellers and other smaller spare parts;
  • GoPro or alike action camera;
  • Small tripod;
  • Water bottle;
  • 10″ Tablet;
  • And any other think that you can fits in :)

The interior space is split by Velcro tape dividers, so it can be easily reconfigured according to your needs.FPV Session drone backpack review - Internal pockets

There is enough room inside for 2-3 smaller racing quads (150mm – 250 mm), 1 remote controller, small FPV goggles, lots of batteries, charger and even a tablet. You can also opt to hang the quads (with installed propellers) outside easily using webbing daisy chains and buckles. This way you can attach up to 4-5 racing drones, making you look like a hedgehog :). A seam-sealed rain cover is also included if you get caught by rain.

Smaller accessories, like propellers, screwdriver, cables can be stored on the internal mesh pockets.

Both sides has external pockets that can fit a small tripod (for action camera / FPV display) or water battle.

Wearing the backpack is very comfortable. If you remove all the dividers, the FPV Session bag can be used like any other trekking backpack.FPV Session backpack review - Available accessories

Available accessories:

  • FPV Radio Transmitter protective cover;
  • FPV 4 Battery holder;
  • FPV Action Camera pouch.

Although the transmitter protective cover looks very professional, in my opinion is a bit extreme for a cheap transmitter as the FlySky i6. I would invest in such a thing only if I would have a high-end transmitter like the Futaba 14SG.

Instead, I found the battery holder very useful and probably I would order a second one. It can conveniently store up to four 3S/4S 1300-1800mAh Li-Po batteries.

Like me, probably most of the quadcopter enthusiasts own at least one action camera they use to record their flights. The FPV Action Camera pouch is designed for GoPro but probably fits for any other action camera. Inside there is enough room for up to 2 cameras (or one + protective case), spare battery, lens protector/filters, memory cards and a small USB card reader.

  • Price/value ratio
  • Design and build quality
  • Confort
  • Adjustablity

FPV backpack review - Verdict

I know, for about 150 bucks you can purchase 3 other backpacks. But think about it. With FPV Session you will have all the required gears for a great FPV session in one place. It is much convenient to carry one bag instead of 2 or 3. Thanks to the Velcro tapes you can freely reorganize the interior compartment according to your needs. The included rain-cover will protect your precious RC toys.
If your flight zone is in a remote area accessible only by foot, you will appreciate the comfort offered by the adjustable harness with air-channel.


  • Stylish, lightweight and durable;
  • Easily reconfigurable;
  • Very comfortable;
  • Can fit all the stuff you need for a FPV session;
  • Included rain cover.


  • Hard to fit inside larger FPV goggles;
  • A bit expensive.

FPV Session backpack review – Photo gallery

Although this backpack review is sponsored, all the impressions are my own !!!


  1. Best FPV backpack I ever own!
    BTW, I purchase it under ETHiX Backpack Project – Mr Steele product name! The only difference is that has green zippers not blue ones.

  2. Just got one of these backpacks. Zippers are high quality, material choice is spot on, attention toward quad pilots in every detail. It has a rain cover included as well! Lots of compartments. Lots of pockets. Lots of storage of all the accessories you need for a please FPV session!

  3. Size works very well for taking on trips. Not too big but has room for 2-3 FPV drones, a remote controller and FPV goggles

  4. I really loved this bag — from the customizable sections on the inside to the comfortable bag straps. It can store 2-4 drones and other accessories with easy.

  5. I tested like ten different backpacks and brands for different drones (Lowepro, Manfrotto, Think Thank Photo, and cheap Chinese ones). TTP are perfect for my needs. They are durable and fairly priced.

  6. My name is Sumontro and I’m a big fan of your work. I especially loved what you wrote about this quadcopter backpack. Because it showed a backpack that could store multiple racing drones and all of their equipment without having the propellers break on them.
    It’s really surprising how badly most off the shelf backpacks do with transporting racing drones, and your article inspired me enough to buy the one you reviewed for myself.


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