My first flight with the Cheerson CX-20

my first flight with Cheerson cx-20

CX-20 – My first big quadcopter

In past I had only the little and famous Cx-10 witch truly is a toy. When I ordered the cx-20 I was a little bit uncertain because this is a BIG quad-copter and for my budget is not a cheap one. Finnaly I conviced myself that buying this copter is the best decision to spend my money and, after a week and a half, I had it in my hands. After I cut the tones of  packaging material I saw the beautiful box with the cx-20 logo on it. At that moment nothing else interested me but to open and assemble it!

The first impression was WOW this is so big compared with the cx-10 . Well packed, premium design! In 10 minutes I assambled it and searched for some videos to make the very IMPORTANT calibrations. After calibration my beauty was ready to fly. Before that, I decide to make a little change on the landing gears, I taped two plastic pipes in “X” shape and attached it to the gears. This change helps a lot on the take-off and also on landings because it gives a lot more stability. When you learn how to fly the quad you also need to learn the controller sensitivity and if you are not familiar with this tipe of throttle you can easily break  some props ;)> after that you learn you can remove them.

The most important moment: Flying my CX-20

I decide next day to test my new baby and, even if the week’s weather forecast was windy, I couldn’t let anything stop me. :))))
I took it off to 5 maybe 10 meters in order to learn to control it, see how it works, but after a few minutes I was high to the sky at about 80-100 meters.CX-20 Landing skid mod

I was able control it easily without problems, the wind didn’t bother me. After some nice playful minutes I observed that my quad doesn’t respond my commands. After a few seconds of panic I saw that it comes back home by itself, probably because I flew it out of the range. It came back very nice, beautiful landing at aproximatly 1 meter distance fromhe take off point. That’s why I give it a 10+ for the return to home (RTH).

Finally, at the end of this flight I could say that the Cheerson CX-20 is a very nice quad with gorgeous specs at this range of price (I paid for it 209 Euro). I really recommend it!

That’s all I can say about the first flight. Later I will post bellow some video samples with the Gopro Hero (basic version – with case ) on the camera mount which comes in the package. As soon as I can I will update my article with pros-cons, stories, videos and a more information.

Have a nice day!

Unboxing my Cheerson CX-20


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