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Foxeer Legend 3 review: 4K FPV at decent price

Foxeer Legend 3 4K camera review
While many drone camera manufacturers moved to cubic shape, Foxeer Legend 3 sees the return of the candybar form factor that Mobius debuted few years ago. Don't be afraid, the old design is paired with UHD 4K video recording which is a must have in 2017.When it comes about racing quad-copters is very hard to find a proper camera...

RunCam Split revolutionary FPV camera

RunCam Split camera
Many say that the modular design of the RunCam Split camera is "revolutionary" or "game changer" but, in my opinion, actually it was born from the patent issue of the RC3 (claimed by GoPro). Practically they splitted the camera into 3 parts (lens module, DVR and WiFi module). Frankly I don't know why they didn't included also a 5.8G...

RunCam 3 HD FPV quadcopter camera

RunCam 3 camera review
RunCam 3 - worth to buy alternative for the GoPro Session 5? When the RunCam 3 was rumored I had a mixed filing regarding this camera. I don't know if it was a smart movement from the manufacturer to announce in 2017 a camera without 4K capability.I contacted RC to request a free sample in order to review the RunCam 3 camera. Frankly they...

Foxeer Box 4k Superview quadcopter camera

Foxeer Box 4k Superview
Foxeer Box 4k camera with GoPro Session design Although I find the "Mobius" design much proper for quadcopters, it seems that all major drone camera manufacturers move to cubic design. Like GoPro Hero, this new Foxeer Box 4k comes with the same compact cubic shape (40 x 40 x 40mm).Compared to its predecessor (Legend 1), the Foxeer Box 4k camera offers much higher...

Eachine DVR03 review: Camera, VTX, Antenna and DVR

Eachine DVR03 FPV camera with integrated DVR (video recorder) At first impression, adding video recording feature to a FPV camera sounds very good. Using the Eachine DVR03 camera you will not need any additional device to capture the journey of your flight. Yes, this is great, but think about you crash on a river and your videos are gone.Over the last year...

RunCam Swift Mini FPV camera

RunCam Swift Mini camera
RunCam Swift Mini camera for FPV racing quadcopters Although the RunCam Swift Mini is much smaller than its predecessor, it has the same weight (12g). In my opinion RC should also focus to reduce the weight of their FPV cameras. Currently there are on the market AIO VTX cameras that weight only 4 grams.Thanks to the wide input voltage range, this RC...

Eachine DVR03 first 4in1 FPV camera

Eachine DVR03 camera with DVR
Eachine DVR03 with built-in 5.8G 72CH VTX and DVR (video recording) Following the success of 3in1 cameras, Eachine came up this time with a 4in1 camera with integrated DVR. The Eachine DVR03 FPV camera integrates: 520TVL camera, 72CH VTX, antenna and HD DVR. The recorded HD videos are stored on a removable micro SD memory card.The integrated DVR module allows not...

Xiaomi Yi 2 camera in-depth review

Xiaomi Yi 4K camera review
Xiaomi Yi 2 4K- Best camera for aerial filming? Yesterday, out of curiosity I searched with Google for "Xiaomi Yi 2 review". The results were pretty impressive. I found plenty of professional articles about this camera. Most of the reviews have concluded that the Yi 4K is an excellent action camera with superior image quality. Even when the Xiaomi Yi 4K was put in a side-by-side comparison with the...

Eachine TX03 Super Mini FPV camera

Eachine TX03 FPV camera
Eachine TX03 camera with built-in 70CH VTX Following the success of the TX01 and TX02, Eachine announced a new micro VTX camera called TX03. The biggest advantage of the new Eachine TX03 camera is the adjustable output power. According your needs and local RF regulations, you can freely switch the TX power between 25mW, 50mW and 200mW.In order to allow full...

Eachine TX01 and TX02 micro FPV camera review

Eachine TX01 and Eachine TX02 camera review
Review of the super mini Eachine TX01 and TX02 FPV cameras Few weeks ago when I reviewed Eachine's first AIO FPV camera I was surprised by its small size. Now they did it again, the Eachine TX01 and TX02 are even smaller. These two new FPV cameras are specially designed for small brushed drones. Through the TX01 FPV camera it seems that finally...

Eachine MC02 FPV camera with adjustable power

Eachine MC02 FPV camera review
Eachine MC02 AIO first person view camera for small quadcopters One of the biggest challenge if you want to build a micro FPV quadcopter is to find a proper camera. There are only few FPV cameras like this Eachine MC02 which are lightweight enough and supports 1s LI-POs.Recently, I reviewed the Eachine E010 quad, which theoretically can be converted into a Tiny Whoop by...