Eachine E58 user manual download page

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    Eachine E58 PDF instruction manual

    From here you can download for free the scanned user manual for the Eachine E58 drone. The E58 user guide includes the following chapters:

    • Important safety information;
    • Remote control and aircraft battery installation and charging instructions;
    • Transmitter control functions (button layout)
    • APP instructions;
    • E58 calibration steps.
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    1. je peux avoir le manuel d’utilisation français svp pour le E58 page par page
      Can I have the French user manual for the E58 page by page?

    2. On starting my drone rises and wanders off. I want it to rise and hover? How do I stop it wandering? How do I hover?

      • the E58 does not have a GPS assisted RTH, so it will not return to the take-off point exactly. It features only software calculated RTH, practicality it makes the simulates the controls in reverse order…..

    3. Ou est ce que je peu me procurer un manuel en français et pas qui a 8 pages sur la même et ou est ce que je peu avoir une carte usb dans le drone
      Where can I get a manual in French and not that has 8 pages on the same and or can I have a usb card in the drone

    4. I have a problem with my drone eachine e58. I started 5 Min. When follows down than does not working the four propellers so can not fly.. What I have to do?

      • There is no problem… really. The fact is that the batteries don’t give you more time! that’s the bad side of this kind of Drones.


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