Cheerson CX-30 User manual

In the Cheerson CX-30 user manual you will find everything you need to operate and fly this quadcopter.

Some of my readers requested the user manual for the CX-30 quadcopter. In order to help, them I contacted the manufacturer and I requested it. After 2 hours I got the user manual from them, but unfortunately only on jpg image format. To be more professional and useful for our flyer community, I converted it in a searchable PDF format.

The CX30 user manual has only 6 pages but, you must read it before your first flight.

  • Page 1: Parts of the CX-30 aircraft;
  • Page 2: Battery installation and charge;
  • Page 3: Syncronizng with transmiter and flyght operations;
  • Page 4: Control methods;
  • Page 5: Operating the CX-30 ‘s remote controller.

You can read the full review of the Cheerson CX-30 quadcopter under the review section.

Some of the safety cautions when you fly with this aircraft:

  • Ensure that there are no obstacles, animals in the surrounding crowd;
  • Do not make the quadcopter fly out of sight when flying;
  • Charge the battery only with dedicated chargers;
  • Child playing must be guided by adults.

Download Cheerson CX-30 User manual here:

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  1. This is not a reply but a question or two from across the ‘pond’ (England) – (a) have a CX30 with a broken motor shaft – any idea – especially over here, where I can get a replacement motor {red/white} or four (b) Where did that manual come from, Venus. That must be the worst translation I have ever seen. But then their English is much better then my Chinese/Venusian which is a god send for the human race.

  2. Hi!
    I’m new with my cx30 drone and I don’t really understand. My question is what does the button on the controller that looks like this
    ” H/L ” I hope i get an answer soon


  3. I have a problem with my cx-30W drone: My RC connection to the remote control broke down and does not decode at all.
    Any recommendation for troubleshooting?
    Any reset sequence?
    I do not get any beeps at all when I power on the remote control neither when I pres any other button. Looks like a remote control issue but I am confused because problem started after a drone crash.
    I can still fly the drone using the WiFi connectivity (using my smart phone), but I have another problem: how do I perform calibration using the WiFi connection? I do not see such an option on the application.

  4. If your drone does not properly fly vertically then you may need to calibrate it; that worked for me. Latest version of the user manual includes the calibration instructions: Move both sticks to the lower right side and press the speed selection button at the same time, wait until light on top of drone flashes.
    If it does not lift at all, then check if right propellers and motors are used (they are different and rotate in different direction)

    • Not a dji phantom :), you have to manually set the rotors speed yourself. Quite hard I should say.

  5. Thank you very, very much for making the CX-30 user manual available. Spent quite a bit of time looking for it on the web and it appears you are the only provider. I bought a CX-30 (with a camera), to be controlled by an Android tablet rather than a transmitter. I found that I could not control the CX-30 very well at all with the tablet. And I had used a transmitter with my preceding 15 or 20 quadcopters and never used a tablet before, so I purchased a simple CX-30 transmitter – one that I think only comes with the (fairly rare) CX-30 model that flies just fine with the transmitter but has no camera. Now I’ve found that I can fly my CX-30 with a wifi camera and I hope that I’ll also (perhaps on a different channel) be able to record the video on a tablet. I shall see.

    So, good work. Much appreciated.

    • Hello, I read that you also have a CX30-W (model controlled by Android) and you bought a remote control. I did the same thing, I can drive it but I have some issues that I hope you can clarify:
      1. I can not get it off vertically, it always goes back (I attach the video to youtube)
      2. It all works fine, but I can not take pictures or make videos from the remote control, I have to necessarily use the phone, you solved this problem?

    • Yes, the roters will start decreasing speed and when it’s out, the rotors will stop, green light on top will flash, and the red LED at the front will be off.


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