Galaxy Visitor 3 User Manual

The Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 quadcopter has many important futures as other similar aircraft. To explorer all, its features you should download and read the Galaxy Visitor 3 ‘s user manual.

An advanced feature called “Auto-return” ensures that the quadcopter comes straight back to the pilot. You can make it return whenever you want in order to avoid hitting something. Another useful function is the “Headless Flight Mode”, an intelligent flight mode that makes it particularly easy for beginners to fly the Galaxy Visitor 3 quadcopter.

The Galaxy Visitor 3’s remote controller includes a magnetic sensor which is responsible for the Auto-return function and the intelligent flight mode.

These special features of the Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 ensure that beginner and advanced pilots can fly easily and safely with this quadcopter.

Do you have an interest in the Galaxy Visitor 3 now? Do you want to learn more about this quadcopter? Then download and read the Galaxy Visitor 3 User Manual.

Some interesting chapters from the Galaxy Visitor 3 User Manual:

Special features of the NE Galaxy Visitor 3:

  • Flight modes and throttle modes are available;
  • Conventional flying, intelligent flying, and beginner mode;
  • Brake function. The copter slows down automatically when the pilot releases the sticks.

Galaxy Visitor 3 flight preparations:

  • Visual checks of the aircraft. Before flying the quadcopter, check that there is no obvious damage to the body or propellers;
  • Install four AA dry cells in the remote controller and switch it on. Do not touch the transmitter for at least three seconds;
  • Insert the Li-Po battery in the NE Galaxy Visitor 3 and connect it. Leave the quadcopter motionless until the red status LED lights up constantly;
  • If you want to fly the Galaxy Visitor 3 in intelligent mode, the transmitter aerial must be directed at the quadcopter constantly.

Binding the Galaxy Visitor 3 transmitter and receiver:

  • Switch the remote controller on, set the throttle stick to the bottom position, and place it about 30 cm from the front of the aircraft;
  • Power on the quadcopter and leave it motionless. The red LED now flashes to indicate that the model is in Bind mode. The binding procedure is successful when the red LED glows constantly.

Calibrating the acceleration sensor: Normally the quadcopter is calibrated correctly by the manufacturer and is immediately ready to fly.

There are several more useful chapters on the instruction manual of the Night Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 quadcopter.

Download Galaxy Visitor 3 user manual here:

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  1. Buongiorno a tutti, cortesemente potete indicarmi dove trovare e scaricare il manuale ITALIANO Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 NE2529M1.
    Hello everyone, can you please tell me where to find and download the ITALIAN manual Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 NE2529M1.

  2. I NEED a speed controller for my Friends Nine Eagles Galaxy Vistor 3 drone this one has died, ONLY 3 motors work now. do you supply spairs ?
    Can you supply please and what cost ?

  3. I have tried many times to download the operating manual for nine galaxy visitor 3 and I can not get it to download.
    Can you please email me the operating instruction manual
    Thank you


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