4DRC F9 Pro 2021: Mavic Mini alternative under $90

Photo of 4DRC F9 Pro

Priced for only $89, the 4DRC F9 Pro drone is the cheapest GPS-enabled Mavic Mini alternative with brushless motors, intelligent flight modes, and a dual-camera system. In addition to the frontal 6K camera, it has a 1080P camera which serves as an optical flow positioning sensor (OFP).

The main camera is capable to take 4096 * 3072 photos and recording 2048 * 1080 @ 25fps videos. Apparently, there is no onboard recording, so all the files are stored on your phone’s memory. The camera features WIFI real-time image transmission and ESC camera angle control.

According to the advertised specs, the high capacity (2s 2500mAh) battery allows up to 30 minutes of flight time. Very impressive battery life from such a budget drone.

Thanks to the fail-safe return to home (RTH) function, in case of remote controller signal loss or low flight battery voltage, the 4DRC F9 drone will return autonomously to the take-off point.

4DRC F9 drone features and specs

  • Mavic Mini like folding design;
  • GPS + OFP positioning;
  • Frontal headlights for better visibility;
  • Brushless motors (Level 7 wind resistance);
  • Dual camera system (6K Frontal + 1080P Bottom);
  • 4096 * 3072 photo and 2048 * 1080 video resolution;
  • Antishake stabilization and PTZ remote camera angle control;
  • 5Ghz WIFI real-time image transmission (NO 5G GSM required!);
  • Failsafe RTH (Low battery, RC signal loss, and RunAway);
  • Electric fence safety feature;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Smart follow, Flying around, Waypoint flight, and Gesture control);
  • Up to 30 minutes of battery life;
  • About 1000meters of control distance and 600 meters FPV range.

4DRC F9 Pro

List of accessories included with the 4DRC F9 Pro drone

  • Remote Controller with folding phone holder;
  • 2S 2500 mAh flight battery (1,2 or 3 pieces);
  • USB charging cable;
  • 2 spare propellers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Instruction manual.


  1. I’m not sure if my phone would be able to connect via wifi to this drone.
    I’m pretty sure the best mine can do is 2.5 GHZ. (802.11n)
    Am I correct in thinking that I would need a new phone to be able to connect it to this drone?

  2. Im wondering about video quality… I got one on the way but I just saw a vid. And it seems camera quality is crap and its just good on paper sad can you confirm there’s no actual footage videos out there

    • I have this drone for 3 months and I confirm that the cam is crap. It looks like 640×480 pixels but the file size is like a 4k file. I think it is only done by software, not by the cam. But the drone is very nice to fly and for 85 EUR it is really OK. But if you wanna buy for impressive photos, don’t buy.

  3. Please, help me if possible.
    I cannot find the instruction manual for 4DRC F9 GPS 6k drone…
    Your kind reply would be highly appreciated.

    • I am a newbie at flying drones. I purchased a 4DRC F9 drone the first part of March and flew it a couple of weeks before putting it up for a couple of weeks and getting it out again. When I tried to fly it yesterday it would only go up and down. The horizontal function did not work no matter which direction I pushed the joystick.

      Can someone tell me where to get help with this drone or where I can take it to get it fixed? No one wants to answer any questions or give any help to someone trying to learn about drones


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