Quadcopter captures amazing aerial video over Brazil

Lately, aerial videography has become more accessible to professionals and hobbyists through the use of quadcopters and GoPro cameras.

This aerial video is the winner of world best aerial footage contest by DJI. The video was produced by Deyvisson Bastos Silva.


The flight was over the Serra dos Órgãos (Range of the Organs) mountain near the state of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, which, because it’s natural beauty, was turned into a national park.

Regarding the quality and the content of this aerial video, what can I say more then: Amazing!, you must see it.

This award winner aerial video was recoded with a DJI Phantom Quadcopter and a GoPro HERO 3 camera, probably with the latest DJI Phantom 2.

Amazing aerial video over Brazil

You can check for more awesome aerial videos on this YouTube channel here

I think after you watched this outstanding aerial video, probably you will decide to buy your first quadcopter, if somehow you do not have a quadcopter yet :)


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