DJI Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro vs Spark vs Walkera Peri: Which is better?

Comparison of best mini drones with 4K camera that you can buy in 2018

DJI Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro vs Spark vs Walkera Peri comparison

Over the years, DJI became the most reputable consumer drone manufacturer. In order to cover all market segments, they recently announced the Mavic Air. As price tag, this travel-friendly drone is located between the Mavic Pro and the DJI Spark. Everything would have been very smooth for DJI if Walkera would not have announced their Peri, an ultra compact drone with 4K camera and 3 axis gimbal.

My plan is to reveal all the pros and cons of each drone in order to help you make the right choice if you want to buy one. Of course, besides the raw specs, there is a personal preferance for one or the other drone brand. Many DJI fans say that once you fly a DJI you will forget any other brand.

We’ll start by taking a look at the price, specs and features of each drone. I know that, probably due to the lack of 4K camera, the little Spark shouldn’t be listed here.

DJI Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro vs Spark vs Walkera Peri comparison table

Model name Mavic Air Mavic Pro DJI Spark Walkera Peri 
Foldable Design Yes Yes No No
Remote controller Yes Yes  Optional Yes
Max control range 4 Km 7 Km 2 Km with RC  1 Km
Battery capacity 3s, 2375 mAh 3s, 3830 mAh 3s, 1480 mAh 2s, 2500mAh
Flight autonomy 21 minutes 27 minutes 16 minutes 15 minutes 
Max flight speed 68.4 km/h 64 km/h 50 km/h 36 km/h
Max video resolution 4096×2160 @ 30fps  4096×2160 @ 24fps 1920×1080 @ 30fps 3840 x 2160  @ 30 fps
Gimbal 3-axis 3-axis 2-axis 3-axis
Real-time image transmission 720p@30fps 1080p@30fps  720p@30fps 1080p@30fps
Intelligent flight modes Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Mobile APP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Obstacle avoidance Yes Yes Yes No
Vision Positioning Yes Yes  Yes Yes
Dedicated backpack/case Yes Yes Yes No
Price $799 $999 $399 $499

Mavic Air
being the most recently launched, I will compare it against all its contenders.

DJI Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro

Surely, the biggest advantage of the Air version over the Pro edition is the much friendly price tag ($799 vs $999), smaller size and upgraded camera. Mavic Air is also slightly faster than the Mavic Pro.

While both quadcopters have micro SD card slot, the Mavic Pro supports a 64GB maximum and allows to store only about 150 minutes of 4k footage. The Mavic Air accepts up to 128GB micro SD cards and it also has 8GB of internal storage.

DJI Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro side by side

In contrast, Mavic Pro has its own advantages compared to Mavic Air. It has about 6 minutes longer flight autonomy and almost double control and FPV range. BTW, according to DJI’s specs, Mavic Pro Platinum offers up to 9 minutes longer flight time compared to Mavic Air.

While Mavic Pro features up to 1080p@30fps wireless video transmission, the Mavic Air only 720p@30fps.

DJI Mavic Air vs DJI Spark

Announcement of Mavic Air was almost instantly followed by price drop of the DJI Spark. While the Mavic Air is advertised for $799, you can buy the little Spark for $399 (without RC).

DJI Mavic Air vs DJI Spark side by side

Of course, the big difference in price is reflected in the specifications. Mavic Air has longer flight time and faster flight speed compared to DJI Spark.

Certainly, if you are into aerial filming, the camera’s video resolution is very important for you. In addition to the 4K video recording, Mavic Air brings 3-axis mechanical gimbal. Compared to the above, the Spark’s 2-axis gimbal and Full HD camera are only basic gears.

DJI Mavic Air vs Walkera Peri

Walkera announced their Peri drone about two weeks before the worldwide launch of Mavic Air. Firstly, I though that it would be a direct competitor for the DJI Spark 2, but equipped with 4K camera can be a cheaper alternative for the Mavic Air too.

DJI Mavic Air vs Walkera Peri side by side

Regarding both, flight time and flight range, the Peri is bellow the Air’s specs. While the Walkera Peri is advertised with 1KM control range, the Mavic Air has up to 4 KM flight range. According to the manufacturer’s specs, Air can stay in the air about 6 minutes more compared to Peri. Flight speed of Mavic Air is also about double of what Peri has.

Final thoughts

While we’ll have to wait for the first Mavic Air hands-on reviews, the raw specs shows that is on top of DJI Spark and Walkera Peri in a lot of areas. It’s even faster and smarter than the much expensive Mavic Pro.

IMHO, if you don’t need the extended flight time and range of the Pro edition, you can’t go wrong with the Mavic Air. You can also save $200, which you can later invest in couple of spare batteries or drone insurance.

Image credits to DJI and Walkera


  1. The Mavic 2 will beat all of them! It will be the best drone of 2018. Ultra portable, better obstacle avoidance and probably even 5K camera :)


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