FIMI PALM 4K Handheld Gimbal Camera: The Osmo Pocket killer?


After DJI has announced their OSMO Pocket, it was only a matter of time for other manufacturers to come up with similar ultra-compact handheld stabilized cameras. The FIMI PALM is Xiaomi’s response to DJI’s Osmo Pocket. At first sight, there is not much design difference between these two handheld 4K gimbal cameras. Also, both have similar size and weight as well. While the Xiaomi FIMI PALM measures 30.5 x 22.7 x 127 mm and weights 120 grams, the DJI Pocket Osmo has 36.9 × 28.6 x 121.9 mm and 116 grams.

In addition to the four shouting modes (Pitch lock, FPV, Follow and All locked), the FIMI Palm pocket gimbal features lots of creative modes.

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Thanks to the larger capacity battery (1000mAh vs 875mAh), the FIMI PALM has almost two times longer working time than its contender.

For best audio quality, besides the built-in microphones (frontal & side), you can use an external microphone through the standard 3.5mm jack.

The user interface of the FiMI Palm is incredibly easy to use. The 1.22″ touchscreen LCD is paired with a tiny 5-way joystick and dedicated shutter button.

FIMI Palm Flash Sale 2020

Price & Availability

After long waiting, finally the FIMI Palm 4K gimbal become widely available, now you can order it from most important retailers. During spring sales you can find it on GearBest and Banggood for $US 199.99.

Starting with January 2000, the FP is available again for pre-orders at GB. This time for $199.99. Note: Estimated delivery date is after April 2, 2020!

GB started to list the FP for pre-orders at a very attractive price – only $144. Furthermore, initially you need to make just a 10 busks deposit and latter to pay the rest of the money. Estimated shipping time is between 07 – 12 January. Note: preorders are limited to 1 pieces! Pre-orders were limited to 2500 pieces – now there is available only “Arrival Notice”.

Xiaomi FiMI Palm 4K gimbal camera highlights

  • Compact size (30.5 x 22.7 x 127 mm);
  • Ultralight (120 grams);
  • 3-axis mechanical stabilization;
  • Ultra-wide angle lens (128°);
  • 4K@30fps video recording – up to 100Mbs;
  • Integrated 5-way Joystick;
  • Integrated color 1.22″ live-view LED touchscreen (240 x 240 pixels);
  • Built-in dual-microphones;
  • Wireless connectivity (WiFi + Bluetooth);
  • 4 Shooting Modes (Pitch Lock Mode, FPV Mode, Follow Mode, and All Locked Mode);
  • Multiple creative modes (time-lapse, motion-lapse, hyper-lapse, super HDR, night shots, panorama, 8x slow-motion and 3x stabilized zoom);
  • Smart tracking;
  • Up to 240 minutes working time (1080@30fps).

FIMI PALM 4K gimbal camera features

After a quick overview of the features, biggest improvements of the FIMI PALM compared to its rival are the built-in wireless connectivity and tripod mount. Also, the larger field of view (128° vs 80°) will be appreciated by those who like to use this type of video gears in their vacations.

last update on 12 April 2020


    • Hi Bianca and welcome on
      The FIMI Palm does not have an integrated card!!! You need to additionally purchase one. According to technical specs you can use a high speed U3 class10 card with up to 256GB capacity.

  1. Excellent little gimbal and great picture quality, just getting used with all the features!
    The touch screen could be a little more sensitive. Firmware upgrade is a must have!
    One more thing, compared to my friend’s OSMO Pocket it has much larger FOV 🙂

  2. I ordered in November for $99 with deposit of $10… after more than 2 months still not received my FiMI Palm… and now I got this email:
    “Hope this email find you well. Due to the recent circumstances happening in China ( the corona virus and Chinese New Year), all our gearbest staff will return to work till February 10th. The items that have stocks in Hong Kong warehouse and overseas warehouse can be shipped in time normally. The other items in Chinese warehouses are temporarily scheduled to be shipped after 2.10 if have any other news, we will send you in time, thank you for your kindly understanding. Best regard”

    But is the Palm in stock or not???

  3. I was between the first who recorder the FiMI Palm. I paid $99 for it, at the time it seemed like a good deal, but I didn’t think I had to wait half a year to get it ….. 🙁

  4. Delivery time, changed from January to February/March???? At least those who order it at the beginning (first batch at $155) will receive it in January?

  5. Ordered mine yesterday, thanks for the link! I paid the 10$ deposit, do you know when I need to pay the rest of the money?
    I’m quite excited, the FiMI PALM will be my first stabilized camera.

  6. @Perlee: Gearbest has this for $145 – please, send me a link for a DJI Osmo Pocket for the same price! I thought the Pocket costs around $300 or more…

    @Chris: for $145 it’s far from outdated. Samsung S11 will cost around $800 or more.

    Not everybody is rich, the FIMI PALM 4K is for anybody else. Don’t compare a Porsche with a Suzuki – you know, for a LOT more money you will get a BIT more value. I didn’t want to buy this, but I deposited $10 on GB to will be able to order one in January. ;))


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