iFlight Protek25 and iFlight Protek35 FPV drones

iFlight Protek25 vs iFlight Protek35 photo

iFlight just announced a new micro CineWhoop series. While the Protek25 comes with 2.5″ propellers and can be equipped with an Insta360 GO camera or naked GoPro, the larger Protek35 with 3.5″ blades and can carry a full-size GoPro camera. Both versions can be pre-ordered from Banggood.

The smaller Flight Protek25 comes in 5.8G analog and HD digital versions. Both variants feature the same SucceX-D Whoop V3.0 flight controller with integrated 2A ESC and XING 1404 5500KV motors. Analog version comes installed with Caddx.us Turbo EOS V2 camera and SucceX Micro Force 5.8GHz 300mW VTX. The iFlight Protek25 digital has an onboard DJI FPV camera and Caddx Vista HD transmitter.

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Photo of iFlight Protek25 drone

The more powerful iFlight Protek 35 comes with two power options. While 4S edition has XING 2203.5 3600KV motors, the 6S XING 2203.5 2700KV ones. Both are built around the top-notch iFlight Beast F7 flight controller and DJI FPV Air Unit. Both 4s (1550mAh) and 6s (1300mAh) versions can achieve about 9-10 minutes of flight time and 6-7 minutes with a GoPro on top.

Photo of iFlight Protek35 drone

iFlight Protek25 Analog vs Protek25 HD digital vs Protek35 HD 4s vs Protek35 HD 6s

  iFlight Protek25 Analog iFlight Protek25 Digital iFlight Protek35 HD 4s iFlight Protek35 HD 6s
Wheelbase 114mm 114mm 151mm 151mm
Flight controller SucceX-D Whoop V3.0 SucceX-D Whoop V3.0 iFlight Beast F7 iFlight Beast F7
ESC 20A 20A 45A 45A
Motors XING 1404 5500KV XING 1404 5500KV XING 2203.5 3600KV XING 2203.5 2700KV
Propellers 2.5″ Nazgul Protek 2525 2.5″ Nazgul Protek 2525 3.5″ Nazgul 3535 Propeller 3.5″ Nazgul 3535 Propeller
Camera Caddx.us Turbo EOS V2 DJI FPV camera DJI FPV camera DJI FPV camera
VTX SucceX Micro Force 5.8GHz 300mW Caddx Vista HD Digital DJI FPV Air Unit DJI FPV Air Unit
Battery 4S 850mAh 90C 4S 850mAh 90C 4S 1550mAh 6S 1300mAh
Weight 174g ±10g 194g±10g 348g±10g 348g±10g
Price $159.99 $279.99 $399.99 $399.99
iFlight Protek25 main parts
iFlight Protek25 details
iFlight Protek35 main parts
iFlight Protek35 details


    • FirstQuadcopter is a blog, we are not selling anything!
      In case you are interested in purchasing you should contact iFlight or one of their distributors.

    • iFlight suggests using a 4S/850mA battery with their ProTek25. It is possible to work with 3s as well, but probably will be underpowered…


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