Mavic Air 2 vs FiMI X8 2020: Which is the best budget 4K drone?

FIMI Mavic Air 2 vs Xiaomi FiMI X8 2020

Both, Mavic Air 2 and FiMI X8 SE 2020 are relatively new drones, revealed this year. Featuring compact size with foldable arms, they are travel-friendly flying cameras. While the Air 2 weights 570 grams, the X8 SE 2020 765 grams. Xiaomi’s drone is not just 200 grams heavier, but it’s also a bit larger compared to its DJI contender.

In the last few weeks, I had the luck to play a lot with these two drones. My recently published in-depth Mavic Air 2 review includes battery life and flight ranges tests. I concluded that DJI’s official specs are close to its real-world performance. In terms of no-fly zones (geofence), the FIMI X8SE 2020 was less restrictive compared to the Air 2. I was able to take-off and fly in zones where I couldn’t even arm the Mavic’s motors.

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While both, features an active tracking system, only the Mavic Air 2 has an advanced 3 direction (front, rear, and bottom) collision avoidance system which allows it to track you even in the forest.

Mavic Air 2 vs FiMI X8 SE 2020: In-depth comparison guide

In the table below, I compared the most important specs of both 4K drones. I highlighted with red were the Mavic Air 2 shines and with green were the FiMI X8 2020 excels.

 DJI Mavic Air 2Xiaomi FIMI X8  SE 2020
SizeFolded: 180 × 97 × 74 mm
Unfolded: 183 × 253 × 77 mm
Folded: 204 x 106 x 73 mm
Unfolded: 287 x 247 x 96 mm
Weight570 grams765 grams
Camera4K@60fps or 1080p@240fps4K@30fps or 1080p@90fps
Image size1/2″ CMOS1/2.26″ CMOS
Max bit rate120Mbps100Mbps
Photo mode12MP and 48 MP12 MP
8K HyperlapseYesNo
Internal storageYes, 8GBNO
Range10 km (FCC) or 6 km (CE)8Km
LightsMotor + BellyMotor
Intelligent flight modesDronie, Rocket, Circle, Helix, Boomerang, and AsteroidPOI flight, Orbit and Drone
Active trackingYesYes
Obstacle avoidanceYes (3 direction)No
Max flight speed19 m/s (S Mode)
12 m/s (N Mode)
5 m/s (T Mode)
18 m/s
Wind resistance ≤37.8 kph≤50 kph
Remote controllerStandard, NO ScreenStandard, NO Screen
Battery3s/3500 mAh3s/4500 mAh
Flight time34 minutes35 minutes
FAA registrationYesYes
Regular price$799 Order from DJI$459 Buy from BG


The Mavic Air 2 features a powerful camera, capable of capturing great aerial footage. It can shoot 4K videos at 60 fps and to take 12 or 48-megapixel stills with a 1/2″ CMOS image sensor. In slow-motion mode can capture full HD (1920 x 1080) videos with 240 fps. Furthermore, it is capable to capture cool 8K Hyperlapse videos. Compared to these, the FIMI X8 SE 2020 has only a mediocre camera, with 4K@30fps video and 12mp photo resolutions.

In my opinion, Mavic Air 2’s camera is powerful enough to appeal to both hobbyist and semi-professional users alike. For even better results, you can find a wide range of compatible optical filters (UV, ND, and CPL).

Air 2’s QuickShot modes allow you to create easily super cool aerial footage. I liked most the ‘Asteroid’ mode, also know as TinyPlanet. Epic 360-degree panoramas have never been easier to do.

Battery life

In terms of flight time, both drones have similar performance. While the Mavic Air 2 is powered by a 3s/3500 mAh battery and has up to 34 minutes of flight time, the FIMI X8 SE has a 3s/4500 mAh LIPO pack which provides up to 35 min airborne time. Of course, these values can be obtained only in optimal flight conditions, no wind, and standard flight mode. For example, during my tests, I got only 23 minutes of battery life flying in sport mode and moderate wind.


Personally, I tested only Mavic Air 2’s range. With the CE version, I got a stable signal from 5300 meters, so the advertised 6KM can be achieved for sure. In the US, FCC version can fly even further, DJI says that 10KM is the limit in an open field with low RF noise. On YouTube, I saw lots of FIMI X8 SE 2020 range tests, where it was able to fly far as 8500 meters from its pilot.

Bottom line

To finish off this comparison, it seems the Mavic Air 2 won this battle. It’s superior over the FIMI X8 2020 in most aspects.

If you are marketing for a flagship-like drone with 34 minutes of flying time, 10 km (6.2 miles) range, 4K@60fps camera, and collision avoidance system, the Air 2 is the best in its price tag ($799).

On the other hand, in case you are on a tight budget, the Xiaomi X8 SE 2020 has probably the best battery life and wind resistance that you can get under $400.

Finally, if you are already a Mavic Air player and want to upgrade your old drone, the Air 2 would be a great choice. It has a lot of things you’d expect: extended flight time, longer control range better camera, upgraded obstacle avoidance, and quieter operation.



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