Scout X4 Quadcopter promo videos

Walkera SCOUT X4 Unbox and Assemblage video

The first video is very important for the ones who have enough luck to buy the Scout X4. They will learn how to assemble the quadcopter itself and the transmitter as well. Only after this step they can make the first flight with this professional quadcopter from Walkera.

First impression after looking inside the box of the Walkera Scout X4 is shocking for those who are familiar only with toy graded quadcopters.

Steps before your first flight with this quadcopter:

  • Open the case of the Scout X4;
  • Read the user manual;
  • Remove everything from the box: aircraft, propellers, battery, Walkera F12E transmitter, antennas, G3D Gimbal, iLook camera, power adaptor, Imax B6 battery charger, power cable, BT2401B Bluetooth Transmitter, landing gear and the toolkit;
  • Install the landing gear;
  • Install the propellers;
  • Attach the antenna to the iLook camera;
  • Install the camera on the Gimbal;
  • Assemble the G3D Gimbal on Walkera Scout X4
  • Install the battery;
  • Install the antennas on the Walkera F12E transmitter;
  • Install the ground station on your iOS or Android device;
  • Read again the user manual;
  • Calibrate the Scout X4 quadcopter;

Walkera Scout X4 binding and calibration video

On the video bellow you can see using the WALKERA Ground Station together with the SCOUT X4 quadcopter.

If you are interested on this quadcopter, you can read more about it here: Walkera Scout X4.


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