Upcoming quadcopter reviews in June

Upcoming quadcopter and quadcopter related product reviews – June 2015

Recently I ordered for my family members few small quadcopters and some other products and I’m planning to test and review them. Of course I will share all my positive and negative impressions regarding them.

Small quadcopters like the Eachine H8 mini and FQ777-124 Pocket Drone are the perfect remote controlled toys for kids and affordable for parents because they are cheap. If you are interested in buying one, come back and check my latest quad reviews.

I already own couple of mid sized quadcopters like the Syma X8C and JJRC H8C, they are good for improving your flight skills but sucks for aerial photography. The extremely lightweight and self powered EKOO S090 camera (Mobius clone) is perfect for such quadcopters and takes some awesome aerial footage.

Last week I received the SkyRC iMAX B6 Mini battery charger, so probably this will be reviewed first. My first impression is that has a very good build quality and a lot of features to charge your quadcopter batteries in optimal conditions.

I’m also planning to order the Cheerson CX-22 to review it, just waiting for a reasonable price – because now is extremely over rated.

If you want to share your own quadcopter review, please fell free to contact me and I will post your article here: Quadcopter reviews.


  1. I am looking for Lily ….is she out on the market yet…You know the Quad that you just throw in the air and it follows you…donot have to control it..will send you the video if you know nothing about, but I think you must…
    please let me know ASAP……
    thanks Sid


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