ZINO Mini Pro vs DJI MINI 2: 5 key differences

Which sub-250g mid-range drone should you buy?

Hubsan Zino MINI Pro vs DJI Mavic MINI 2

The DJI MINI 2 has sat at the top of our guide for the best drones under 250 grams you can buy since it was revealed. But now, a new shining star from Hubsan, the Zino MINI Pro, has landed. Is its position, as king of the sub-250g drone mountain, under threat? Our ZINO Mini Pro vs DJI MINI 2 comparison guide covers range, battery life, camera performance, and extra features.

Without question, DJI is the world leader in drone technology. Their products incorporate the latest technologies available at that time which results in a high price tag. They claim to have about 70% of the market share worldwide. In contrast, Hubsan is a low-profile company that targets persons who need budget drones with decent capabilities. Putting a 3-direction obstacle avoidance system on an ultra-light affordable drone can shake DJI’s domination.

Hubsan ZINO Mini Pro versus DJI Mavic MINI 2 comparison

In the table below, I compared the most important specs of these two foldable drones. I highlighted blue where the DJI MINI 2 excels and red where the Zino Mini Pro wins.

Size 138×81×58mm 137x88x61.6mm
Weight 249 grams 249 grams
Gimbal 3-axis 3-axis
Image sensor 1/2.3″ 1/1.3″
Megapixel 12MP 48MP
Max Video resolution 4K@30fps 4K@30fps
Max bit rate 100Mbps 200Mbps
Photo mode RAW DNG + JPG RAW DNG + JPG
Digital Zoom 4x 6x
FPV 1080p 1080P
Communication OcuSync 2.0 Syncleas 3.0
Range 10KM FCC or 6KM CE 10KM
Wind resistance Level 5 Level 5
Max flight speed 16m/s 16m/s
Smart flight modes QuikShots modes ATVT 3.0 AI Tracking and RTH
Obstacle avoidance No Yes, Front/Back/Down
Internal Memory No Yes, eMMC 64G/128G
Battery 2s/2250mAh 2s/3000mAh
Flight time 31 minutes 40 minutes
FAA registration No No
Extended warranty Yes, Care refresh No
Release year November 2020 April 2021
Price $449 $479.99

1. Camera performance

While both are equipped with a UHD camera, there are significant differences between them. DJI Mavic MINI 2 camera’s 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor is capable of taking 12MP photos. Its Hubsan rival comes with a 1/1.3″ sensor that provides 48MP photo resolution. A larger sensor should provide better low-light performance and the ability to take wider angle images.

Video resolution-wise, both are capable of recording 4K videos with up to 30 fps. Here the difference made by the higher video bitrate. The Hubsan Zino Mini Pro doubles the MINI 2’s 100Mbps bitrate. The Zino MINI has a 6x zoom and the Mavic MINI 2 only 4x.

2. Flight range

Both are advertised with a maximum distance flight of 10Km. The DJI MINI 2 uses OcuSync 2.0 communication and the Hubsan Zino MINI Syncleas 3.0 transmission.

DJI provides different power/range ratings for the US and Europe. FCC edition has 10KM range and CE version only 6KM. Apparently, Hubsan allows working at full power regardless of your geographical location. This could be a huge issue if you want to be compliant with your local RF regulations.

3. Battery life

Here is also a huge difference between the Mavic MINI 2 and the ZINO MINI. DJI stands that their smallest 4K drone can stay in the air for 31 minutes. By comparison, Hubsan showed in their marketing video that the ZINo MINI has 40 minutes of battery. Considering that both have about the same size and weight, I’m curious how they managed to obtain those extra 9 minutes of playtime.

4. Other features

The Hubsan Zino MINI Pro’s major selling point is the 3-direction obstacle avoidance system. This is a must-have feature when you are using active-tracking (visual follow me). Surely will not protect 100% from collisions, but it is much better than just flying ‘blindly’. DJI offers such functionality only on drones priced over $799.

5. After-sale support and extended warranty

DJI is famous for its premium Care Refresh service. They cover accidents like water damage, collision, and even one Flyway (missing aircraft). For a small fee, they will replace your drone in no time. They have authorized service centers in many countries, and if you want to repair your drone by yourself, you can easily find spare parts for the MINI 2.

The Hubsan provides a standard warranty that covers only malfunctions caused by product quality. The problem comes when you need to prove that the drone crashed suddenly and wasn’t your fault (pilot error).

ZINO Mini Pro vs DJI MINI 2: Conclusions

Either of these two drones you choose you will make an excellent deal. Both come with a 4K@30fps camera and weighs less than 250g (.55lbs) allowing you to fly legally in most countries without special registration.

While the MINI 2 comes from the most reputable brand, the ZINO MINI Pro packs a lot more features. You will need to decide whether you need a more trusty product or one with top specifications.


  1. which one better for quality of video, Zino Mini Pro or DJI MINI 2? im planning to buy soon, but still confused. help me please !

  2. Earlier read the Zino has a 10 k range. It does not (4k). Read it had a 40 minute flight time. It does not (less than 25 minutes. Has a top speed of 22 MPH whereas the Mini 2 has a top speed of 37.79 MPH. BIG DIFFERENCE!

  3. I have flown DJI drones for the past 11 years and have switched to an Autel Evo 2 for my main drone and sold my DJI Mini 2 to order the Hubsan Mini. My main reason for moving away from DJI is the need to contact DJI to unlock firmware to fly almost on each site I fly. DJI’s lock out of NFZ in their software/firmware makes it difficult to fly and get the video you need in a timely manner. I will trade in the brand name for a drone that flys at the direction of the pilot without lockouts and updates daily. I bought the drone, let me comply with the LAANC and FAA without your help DJI!

  4. The pros for this drone are big but there are a couple of big cons there too:

    Looking at the spec on the Hubsan website it says that the only photo mode that it has is JPEG and not RAW.

    It doesn’t look like there’s an SD card slot either so you would be stuck with max 128gb in internal storage. If that storage becomes corrupted your drone is toast.

    One of the main plus points is the kick to the butt DJI will get from Hubsan, and competition can only be healthy for the drone market and the consumer.

  5. Well pointed!
    I have a Mavic Mini 2.7k but never used it I’m thinking of selling it to buy a Hubsan Pro Mini. I like the 4k camera and obstacle avoidance system.


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