Upcoming reviews in October

October’s quadcopter reviews on www.firstquadcopter.com Last month I reviewed the XK X380 quadcotper and I'm still impressed, it can't be compared with any other of my cheap models. Next step is to equip it with gimbal, HD camera and a 5.8GHz video transmission module for first person view flights. I can't wait to go out and fly it again. As it is full autumn and rainy...

Z1 quadcopter with HD camera

Z1 quadcopter
Z1 quadcopter with headless mode and RTH It looks that the Chinese manufacturers remained without inspiration in finding fancy codename for quadcopters, this new model is called simply the "Z1". This Z1 quadcopter comes with all the latest innovations like headless mode and one key return to home. The angle of the camera's lens can be manually adjusted so that the pilots can set their...

MJX X700C low budget quad with camera

MJX X700C Quad
MJX X700C affordable quadcopter with 0.3MP camera Usually, quadcopers like this MJX X700C are just perfect for newbies. I think $50 is not a big investment for practicing and learning how to fly a multi-rotor. Anyway, after 15-25 flights most of these cheap remote controlled toys are ending in trash-bin because too many crash-lands or only one but fatal. Another thing that you should know is regarding the short lifespan of the brushed...

XK DETECT X380 review

XK X380 quadcopter review
XK X380 GPS Quadcopter I received some useful critics on the RC Groups forum regarding my previous quadcopter review and thanks for this. I kindly ask all my readers, in case they find incorrect facts or just some mistyped words in my XK X380 review or in any of my articles to notice me. I never claimed that I'm a professional writer or a quadcopter specialist but I'm...

Walkera Runner 250 Advance

Walkera Runner 250 Advance Quadcopter
Walkera Runner 250 Advance racing GPS Quadcopter Adding GPS features to a racing quadcopter it looks maybe somehow inappropriate but, taking into consideration that the Walkera Runner 250 Advance has about 1km flight range it is good to have a backup in case the pilot can't find the way back. In order to buy a racer quadcopter you should now that this kind of "toys" are...

FUAV Seraphi GPS quadcopter

FUAV Seraphi qudacopter
If I remember correctly, a few months ago I have already introduced on the quadcopter news section a similar aircraft with this FUAV Seraphi but under a different brand name. The actual tendency of the multi-rotor manufacturers is to use their own gimbal and camera without letting any upgrade and tuning possibilities. This new Seraphi from FUAV is trying to...

Syma X8W test flight and impressions

Syma X8w test flight
Syma X8W quadcopter maiden flight I received this quadcopter about a month a go. Over this period I have flown it many times and I can tell that it is a nice and stable flyer. During one of my test flights with the Syma X8W I lost my control over the aircraft and crash landed. The quadcopter almost hit deadly a wild rabbit that probably came from the nearest forest right into my...

Syma X5sC-1 quadcopter review

Syma X5sc-1 Quadcopter review
S5sC’s Syma X5sC-1 stylish quadcopter for beginners All the kids are now back to school and the parents (ok probably only the dads :)) will have more time to play with their favorite remote controlled toys. Yesterday was my 6 year old son's first school day, he looks very enthusiast, I'm curious if he will continue this way till graduating the college. We...

Flying3D X6 Plus FPV Quadcopter

Flying3D X6 Plus quadcopter
Flying 3D X6 Plus with FPV upgrade Just found out about this Flying 3D X6 Plus quadcopter but I can't really call it a new model because the "basic" version of it was released many months ago. At the first sight the "Plus" edition is the well known Flying 3D X6 with a complete first person view system. The price difference between these two models is...

JJRC H22 quadcopter with inverted flight

JJRC H22 Quadcopter
JJRC H22 cheap multi-rotor with up-side-down flight mode This year, the quadcopter market was dominated by the JJRC multi-rotor manufacturer. They released so many models that it's hard for me even to count them. This new JJRC H22 quadcopter with inverted flight mode and extremely attractive price is suitable for indoor fun but, in low wind condition, can be also flown outdoor. The JJRC H22 is ready to fly out of...