KDS Kylin FPV Goggles for the mass

KDS Kylin FPV goggles review

Cheap FPV goggles with built-in 5.8G receiver from KDS Model

Currently there is a large variety of FPV goggles on the market, from cheap ones like this KDS Kylin to very expensive ones that can cost even $ 700. Being not too familiarized with FPV goggles I wanted firstly to test something cheap in order to see if it’s worth to invest more in a high-end model. This is the reason I chose this KDS Kylin Vision, for $70 it seemed to be a great choice for my first FPV glasses.

I heard for the first time about the KDS Model manufacturer when they announced the Kylin 250 racing quadcopter. Probably, in order to offer a complete FPV experience, not long after the launch of their quad, they came up with this cheap FPV goggles. Apparently, the Kylin Vision FPV goggles was designed to be sold in bundle with their racing quad but can also work as well with any other 5.8G FPV system.

Certainly, FPV goggles are designed to provide the ultimate first person view (FPV) experience, but in my opinion they are suitable only for experienced pilots. Beginners should first practice the basic flight movements on non FPV mode. Then, after several hours of flights, they may try FPV screens (like Eachine LCD5802D). These kind of gadgets helps to switch from LoS (Line of Sight) flight to fully FPV flights. Basically it is an intermediate step before FPV goggles.KDS Kylin FPV googles review - Testing with racing quadcotpers

KDS Kylin Vision FPV goggles review

When I’m planning to purchase a quadcopter or a related accessory I always try to see if any of my partners are interested to offer a free sample, so basically most of the products that are review here on FirstQuadcopter.com are products that I’m personally interested in, not just trying to promote them in order to make a profit share.

After I agreed with Alice from GeekBuying on this product review, the package was send out in few days and delivered in about one week.

As I previously mentioned in my recent quadcopter news, the last few days I was in a holiday at the Black Sea and the package was picked up by a friend. Although, I was very tired by the long trip back home, being enthusiast to test and review this KDS Kylin FPV Goggles, I immediately contacted my friend to retrieve the package.KDS Kylin FPV goggles review - First impressions

KDS Kylin Vision FPV goggles review – First impressions

In order to avoid damages during shipping, the FPV glasses came in two boxes, a regular brown cardboard box and a more fancy one.

Inside the box I found besides the Kylin Vision Goggles a mini USB charging cable and a 5.8G mushroom antenna. The 2000 mAh Li-Po battery was preloaded into the goggle but not connected.

In my opinion, KDS Model made a good job, it feels very comfortable to wear the FPV goggles and I liked both the design and build quality. The straps are adjustable so it’s easily adapted with any head size.

To be honest, there is a drawback of this compact and lightweight design for those who are permanent bearer of eyeglasses. It is almost impossible to use this Kylin Vision together with glasses.KDS Kylin Goggles review - Buttons

On the top part there is a SMA connector where you can attach the included 5.8G antenna.

The 6 control buttons, charging indicator LED and the mini USB power/charging port are located on the left side of the FPV goggle.

The “Menu” button allows to switch between:

  • brightness level setting;
  • contrast level setting;
  • color saturation (RGB) adjustment;
  • automatic channel search;
  • manual CH scan.

There are two sound level dedicated buttons (Vol+ and Vol-) that can be used in case your FPV system is with sound (microphone).KDS Kylin Goggles review - Features

KDS Kylin FPV glasses features and specs

  • Integrated 5.8G 64 CH receiver (full-band 5645M – 5945M);
  • 5″ LCD screen (800 x 480);
  • SMA antenna connector;
  • 1s 2000 mAh Li-Po battery;
  • Adjustable brightness, contrast and saturation;
  • Built-in loudspeaker with volume control;
  • Mini USB charging port;
  • Weight with battery and antenna: 488 g;
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.90 x 16.90 x 16.90 cm.

KDS Kylin FPV glasses review – Usage

After I attached the antenna and I connected the battery I started to search for my quadcopter’s FPV signal. In just few seconds I got clear image on the display.

Frankly, for the first time it was a very strange sensation to see through the quadcopter “eyes”. It felt dizzy but probably after several hours of flight I will get used to the feeling (at least I hope so).

In order to confirm its compatibility, I tested the goggles with four of my 5.8G FPV quadcopters. I got clear and stable video with all of them.KDS Kylin Vision FPV googles review - Usage and test

The OSD values of my Walkera Runner 250 quadcotper was clearly displayed and easily readable.

I managed to fly about 250 meters far for me till the video signal started to be jerky. Of course, the FPV range may vary greatly by the emitting power of the TX module.

While this KDS FPV goggles is very comfortable, I noticed that after short time of wearing I started to sweat under it (it’s true that outside was more than +30 C degrees).

Surely, it is an incredible sensation playing with your racing quadcopter using FPV goggles. It is totally different from LoS flights.

Because there is a standby power usage in order to protect the battery, this one must be unplugged when the FPV goggles is stored.KDS Kylin FPV Goggles review - Image quality

  • Price–performance ratio
  • Design and build quality
  • Features

KDS Kylin FPV goggles review - Final words

In my opinion, the KDS Kylin Vision is an easy to use FPV goggles on affordable price. Although the LCD screen is not HD still it provides a clear and vibrant image quality. The built-in 5.8G receiver performs very well offering stable signal for up to 250 meters.
Certainly, for its price we can’t expect features like built-in DVR, diversity or HDMI connection but it would be nice to have them :)
Those who don’t want to invest a fortune in their first FPV goggles can find this Kylin Vision on GeekBuying for $99.99 with free shipping. Although I found it with two types of 5.8G antennas (rubber ducky or mushroom) you can’t opt for a specific one.

Updates on 19.07.2016

I just got this coupon “kdsfpv” code which brings you $ 20 discount.

KDS Kylin FPV goggles review - Final words


  • Very affordable;
  • Lightweight and comfortable design;
  • Swappable Li-Po battery;
  • OSD menu with battery level indicator;
  • Adjustable contrast and brightness;
  • Integrated 5.8G video receiver.


  • Too small for using together with eye glasses;
  • NO diopter adjustment;
  • Minor outside light penetration;
  • NO HDMI input and DVR feature.
Kylin Vision FPV goggles review – Photo gallery

Although this review is sponsored, all opinions are my own!


  1. It has the same issue as the JJRC JJPRO-F01 goggles, the battery dies if you don’t disconnect it after every usage. My battery swelled after 2 months and now it charges only at half of its capacity (~1000mAh).
    Do you know where to order another battery for the JJRC JJPRO – F01 / KDS Kylin FPV Goggles?
    BTW, definitely I will add a “hard” power switch to the goggles!!!!

  2. Great review!
    There are any significant differences between the JJRC JJPRO – F01 and the KDS Kylin FPV Goggles?
    I need urgently I good and cheap FPV glasses but I don’t know which one should buy….

  3. pretty cool, excepting that it not has raceband!
    BTW, I just saw a nice hack, a dude added an external DVR to this KDS Kylin FPV Goggles in order to record his flight.


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