Sadly story of my first big quadcopter

My first

Sadly, I am also the owner of a Detect X380.  I have successfully flown a few smaller “copters” in the past starting with my first quad, a Walkera QR W100s and later WLToys V686 and MJX X600 Hexa.

My 1st “big” copter was a XK Detect X380. I took my time and read a lot of reviews and the paperwork that came with it.  After doing my magnetic compass calibration and joystick calibrations, I tethered my 380 in case of runaway. I didn’t need to. It was wonderful. I didn’t fly it too high or far or for very long.


My 2nd flight was couple days later, even to in the same park, I did my calibrations again.  Pushed the take off button and watched it rise to about 3.5 feet.  Gave it a little throttle to raise it up to about 6.5 feet where it sat perfect. Put the radio down and took my cell phone and made a 360 degree video walking around it as it sat there waiting on me. What a pleasure.  I flew it around for about 10 minutes near the end of the flight at a height of about 4 feet it flipped over and onto the ground. No damage. I just passed it off as me being inexperienced and doing something wrong.

3rd and final flight a week after the 2nd flight. Did calibrations again (same location). Hit take off. It rose up and paused a moment and I gave it throttle and brought it up to about 50 feet. It hadn’t been up there more than 30 seconds when I heard the motors race and the copter started tumbling left over right all the way to the ground. Damage wasn’t too bad. 2 broken rear legs and broke the upper body half (not the bottom … weird) on 1 of the rear motor arms.  I order replacement parts.

Crashing my XK-X380 quad

While waiting on the parts I glued it back together. I tested the 380 indoors while firmly holding onto the copter from the bottom side.  I powered it up, gave it some throttle and the motors raced and I could feel that it wanted flip, left over right. So I ordered 4 new ESCs. My parts came in and being a former electronics technician, I had no trouble desoldering and soldering in the new ESCs. Tested and same thing happens. I uploaded a video to YouTube so that representatives at BG could see what was going on. Still negotiating with them but so far they will not refund my money or send me a new replacement. Instead they offered me a partial refund of $100 (I paid $300).

I bought a Flying 3D X8 in the meantime but haven’t been able to fly it yet…..too windy. I really like the X380 and if BG will come up to $150, I will apply it towards another X380. Maybe I will take my time and eventually restore my current 380 or use it for parts.

Anybody have any ideas on what I might have done wrong or what might have gone wrong with my X380??



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