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Bayangtoys is a very important player on the toy drone markert. They provides cheap drones with lots of features.

Bayangtoys drones & quadcopters

Find bellow the list of latest Bayangtoys drones.

BAYANGTOYS X21 drone: GPS position system and intelligent flight modes

Dual GPS, Intelligent flight modes and brush-less-motors, just three key features of the BAYANGTOYS X21 which were not imaginable for only $200 few years ago. This new BAYANGTOYS drone was announced in two variants, a cheaper one with fixed camera mount and a more expensive one with 3D PTZ gimbal. Both variants are equipped with Full HD GoPro alike camera. Being powered by...

BAYANGTOYS X22 Dual GPS drone w/ 3-axis Gimbal

BAYANGTOYS X22 dual GPS drone
In order to allow smooth, vibration-free aerial videos, the BAYANGTOYS X22 drone comes with 3-axis gimbal. Hopefully the gimbal is capable to room not just the 1080P stock camera but also GoPro cams. Due to the on-board dual GPS system and versatile flight controller, the BAYANGTOYS X22 is capable to perform intelligent flight modes like follow me or circle hovering. According to...

Bayangtoys X28 & X30 GPS drones: What we know about them

Bayangtoys X28 & X30 GPS drones
While the Bayangtoys X28 and the X30 have almost same design, they are a bit different in terms of features. While the Bayangtoys X28 is advertised with a 2s/2000mAh battery which provides up to 21 minutes flying time, the Bayangtoys X30 is powered by a 2s/1600mAh LiPo and has about 16-18 min play time. Both, Bayangtoys quadcotpers are equipped with full HD camera with...

BAYANGTOYS X20 sElfie drone with voice control

BAYANGTOYS X20 selfie drone
Frankly, I got bored from this "Selfie drone" madness, there is no week without a new model. Like this BAYANGTOYS X20, all want to pose as the perfect personal flying camera. The truths is that without spending few hundred of dollars you can't expect a truly selfie drone. Additional to the usual features (Alt-Hold and Headless flight mode), the X20 foldable quadcopter...