Drocon is a relatively new quadcopter drone brands.

Truly, they are actually a pseudo quadcopter brand. They re-brand drones from several other drone brands.

Drocon drones are mainly sold on Amazon.

List of Drocon products

DROCON Blue Bugs: Drone for GoPro under $200

DROCON Blue Bugs 3 drone quadcopter
At first sight, the DROCON Blue Bugs with reliable brushless motors seems to be one of the best drone under $200 for GoPro and alike action cameras. Doing some research, I found some pretty nice aerial footage using the Blue Bugs and various action cameras (like: SJCam, Xiaomi and GitUp). Cheap cameras are OK, but honestly, the lack of GPS positioning...

DROCON U818PLUS aka Goliath Whoop

DROCON U818PLUS quadcopter
Till now I wrote many news about micro Tiny Whoop alternatives but the DROCON U818PLUS will be the first large drone with ducted propellers. The generous blade protectors have multiple advantages. Surely, the most important thing is the increased safety. Spinning propellers can produce serious damages if they bump into something. Drocon advertises the U818A Plus with 15 minutes flight time....

Drocon Cyclone X708W cheap drone for beginners

Drocon Cyclone X708w beginner drone
Like I promised last week, here I am with the next Drocon drone, the Cyclone X708W. Compared to the Bugs 6, the Drocon Cyclone X708W is a basic model with brushed models and limited functionalities. When it comes to beginners I suggest not to invest a lot of money into something they can crash at first flight. Sold for only $55,...

DROCON Bugs 6: Racing drone for intermediate pilots

DROCON Bugs 6 brushless drone
Honestly, about the "Drocon" brand I heard for the first time one week ago. Besides the Bugs 6, they have couple of other nice drones. The following weeks I want to introduce you the most exciting ones in our news section. At first look, the DROCON Bugs 6 quadcopter is an intermediate step for those who want to migrate from toy drones to...