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List of drones from the FeiLun drone brand

FEILUN FX176C1: First brushed GPS drone under $100

FEILUN FX176C1 GPS drone
Equipped with GPS positioning system, the FEILUN FX176C1 is the first drone under 100 bugs with truly intelligent flight modes like: Follow me and Waypoint mission. At first look, the weak point of this cheap GPS drone are the brushed motors. They have much shorter life span compared to brush-less ones. In my opinion, in order to extend the life of...

FEILUN FX137: Big bird for beginner drone pilots

FEILUN FX137 drone quadcopter
With the size of 52 x 52 cm, the FEILUN FX137 can be considered quite large drone. Unlike most of the toy drones, the motors are mounted under the arm (up-side-down) instead above the arms. Due to this design approach, propellers are closer to the ground, thus may hit the grass. Headless flight mode allows beginner pilots to give up worrying...

FEILUN FX127 racing quadcopter

FEILUN FX127 racing quadcopter
FEILUN FX127 Chaser FPV with CC3D flight controller Frankly, I never heard before about "FEILUN" drone manufacturer but I'm glad to have come recently across their FX127 Chaser racing quadcopter. Like many other new racers, this FEILUN FX127 is also based on the popular CC3D flight controller. In the front part of the aircraft there is an 800TVL camera which is pretty well protected by the removable canopy. The...

FEILUN FX176C2 review: Always flies back to you

FEILUN FX176C2 review
Frankly, how could FeiLun expect to remember a drone name like "FX176C2". If copy/paste actions would have not exist, I could not write my FEILUN FX176C2 review :D Many toy drones claim to offer "One key Return to Home" feature. Without a Global Positioning System (GPS), this feature can't work accurate enough, practically the drone is just trying to guess...