FlyPro is a relatively new brand among multi-rotor manufactures.

Their first model was announced about one year ago, The XEagle was probably the first watch controlled drone.

FlyPro quadcopters and drones

Recently they announced a pretty nice racing quadcopter, called “XJaguar”

Reviews of the best FlyPro quadcopters.

FLYPRO Xjaguar fast and furious racing quad

FLYPRO Xjaguar racing quadcopter
FLYPRO Xjaguar - "The fastest or nothing" As recently many racer quadcopters including this FLYPRO Xjaguar were announced with flight speeds up to 200 km/s, I'm curious what is the highest speed that physically can be achieved with such toys. Till now I had the chance to review only one FlyPro product, the Xeagle Sport watch controlled selfie drone. It proved to be a nice and unique quadcopter (at...

FLYPRO XEagle Professional Quadcopter

FLYPRO XEagle Proffesional
FLYPRO XEagle with 4K camera and xWatch Lately I read that many quadcopter manufacturers started to develop obstacle avoidance. This FLYPRO XEagle seems to be the first consumer grade quadcopter which adopts this high-end feature. With a built-in infrared photoelectric sensor can detect obstacles from 10cm up to 15meters and avoid collisions. I'm very curious to see the first test videos of this features. The...

FlyPro XEagle review

FlyPro XEagle review
FlyPro XEagle Sport - My first selfie drone First time I read the news about this FlyPro XEagle quadcopter I was pretty impressed. I liked the idea but in the same time I was afraid that it is a another born-dead KickStarter project. Last week I had the pleasure of reading the FlyPro XEagle Sport review made by another fellow (Bo...