WLtoys V303 user manual download

WLtoys V303 user manual download page

WLtoys have been manufacturing a lot of radio controlled aircrafts (helicopters and quadcopters) over the years, one of their best GoPro ready models is the V303 Seeker quadcopter.

This aircraft is another ready to fly quadcopter that want to be a successful DJI clone. With powerful 3S Lipo battery, GPS functionality, position hold, return to home and a very attractive price, the V303 probably will be the quadcopter of the year.

If you are interested in more information about this aircraft please download the WLtoys V303 user manual, it contains many interesting chapters like:

  • load the propeller;
  • assemble the transmitter;
  • make binding the Wltoys V303;
  • LED flying indicators (page 5);
  • Heading lock mode;
  • Start your first flight with the V303 Seeker;
  • Heading lock mode (page 9 of the user manual);
  • How to mount GoPro camera on the V303 Seeker quadcopter

After you read the WLtoys V303 user manual, make sure you carefully and correctly mount the blades on the aircraft, otherwise the quadcopter will not take off the ground.

Download WLtoys V303 user manual here:

The WLtoys V303 user manual has only 16 pages but contains a lot of useful information from the first flight to the maintenance of this quadcopter.


  1. Does anyone have any experience with the V303??!! Just installed a new power strip, finally got transmitter to bind but I have a solid red light on the big main light. Can’t calibrate compass, and if I calibrate the transmitter I end up getting a solid green light but still can’t do anything! Just a pretty green light. Getting very frustrated here after working on this thing for a long time.
    Any help would be VERY Appreciated thanks

  2. My transmitter will not bind with my WL toys v303. I tried calibrating the magnectic sensor and the transmitter has not connected since.
    I have heard of peoples setting the settings to default in the software but whenever I load the drivers on my pc and hook the usb cord from the quadcopter to the pc all it does is beeps and the pc does not see the quad-copter.
    any help?

  3. I found out in some sites that this Quadcopter has FPV. Does this mean that if one connects a GoPro to the USB in the Quadcopter, one could see what it’s capturing through the remote’s display?

    Thank you =D

    • Leonard, No it is not as simple. In order to fly FPV you need separate video transmitter and receiver. there are out there some quadcopters that offer you such possibility to allow you to fly through your phone or tablet.
      Check out the Dromida FPV. cheers

  4. Hello I bought one of this quadcopter, but the LED Flight Indicator, doesnt work. I follow the instructions but nothing happens, can you help me with this issue?

    One more question, the mini usb port of the quadcopter, when I connected it to my laptop nothing happens, is there a funtion of that port?



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