Hottest 11.11 drone deals (November 2019)

11.11.2019 Best Drone Deals

The countdown for 11.11 drone sales has officially started. In the coming days, we expect to see noteworthy drone deals from Banggood and other Chinese online stores. Double 11 is probably the world’s second most expected day for shopping enthusiasts, of course, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We’ll give you a bit of info about each drone we highlight too, so you can see some specs at a glance before you click through to the store and have to browse their detailed descriptions.

Best drone deals for 11.11.2019

In the following article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best 11.11 offers and exactly where they can be found. In order to cover all the interests, we collected deals from various brands and types of drones.

1. Eachine Novice-I with 20% off

Type: Racing FPV drone | Skills: Beginner | Camera: 700TVL | FPV: 5.8G 25/200mW | Flight time: depending on battery capacity | Features: Whoop design and multiple flight modes | Package: BNF with FPV goggles and Fly More Combo RTF

The Eachine Novice-I drone is a 75mm brushless Whoop specially designed for newbie pilots. In order to allow lots of practicing hours, besides the basic package with 2 LIPOs, there is a fly-more combo package with 10 batteries. Both package options include a 6-way charger, remote controller, and Eachine VR005 FPV headset.

11.11 Eachine Novice-I deal

It comes fully build and ready to fly out of the box, doe’s not required any additional accessories to experience your first FPV flight. Now, during 11.11 sales you can find it with 20% for only US$145.00. Check deal

2. FiMI X8 SE coupon deal

Type: Cruising | Skills: Intermediate | Camera: 4K with 3-axis gimbal | FPV: 5G | Flight time: 33 minutes | Features: Dual-GPS, Vision Positioning and Smart track | Range: 5Km | Package: RTF

Xiaomi’s Fimi X8SE is an affordable alternative for the Mavic Pro. Just like its contender, it comes with 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal. The Fimi X8 claims to have 33 minutes of battery life, which is far the best flight autonomy in its price tag.

11.11..2019 FiMI X8SE deal

Thanks to the fail-safe RTH feature, the quadcopter will return autonomously to the take-off point in case of low battery or remote controller signal loss.

FiMi recently released a “Black Edition” if the X8SE, which is a little more expensive but comes with a carry case.

Use coupon Promotion Period: 1 – 12 November 2019. Coupon Code: BGFIMI43. The final price with code $438. Note: the offer is limited to 200 units!

3. Hubsan ZINO PRO 10% off coupon during 11.11 sales

Type: Cruising | Skills: Intermediate | Camera: 4K with 3-axis gimbal | FPV: 5G | Flight time: 23 minutes | Range: 4Km | Features: Foldable design, GPS positioning, Image tracking, and Fail-safe RTH | Package: RTH

The Hubsan Zino Pro offers a 4K camera on a 3-axis gimbal with remote angle adjustment, flight time similar to the much expensive Mavic Air, and 4Km control range. Passionate filmmakers will definitely appreciate the ability to remove the camera lens protector and install ND filters.

11.11.2019 Hubsan Zino Pro deal

Besides the black color, the main difference between the Pro and first-generation ZINO are the included accessories. Hubsan packs with the Pro extra battery, extra propellers, a shoulder bag.

Use coupon Promotion Period: 1 – 30 November 2019. Coupon Code: BGFIMI43. Note: the offer is limited to 50 units!

4. Eachine E511S with 15% off during 11.11 sales

Type: Learn-to-Fly | Skills: Beginner | Camera: 720P/1080P/10809@5G | FPV: WiFi | Flight time: 14~16 minutes | Features: GPS, Altitude hold & RTH | Package: RTF

Small portable quadcopters like the Eachine E511S are becoming increasingly more popular. When it’s folded, measures only 185 * 108 * 64 mm, so you can take it with you everywhere. In addition to the GPS positioning and barometric altitude hold features, it has smart flight modes like Follow me and Surround flights.

11.11 Eachine E511S deal

During double 11 sales, the Eachine E511S is available with 3 types of WiFi FPV cameras: 720P, 1080P, and 5G 1080P. All versions can be ordered with 1, 2, or 3 flight batteries. Check deal

5. Mavic Mini – Editor’s tip

Type: Cruising | Skills: Beginner/Intermediate | Camera: 2.7K | FPV: Advanced WiFi | Flight time: 30 minutes | Range: 4K | Features: Foldable design, Brushless motors, 3-axis gimbal, GPS & RTH | Package: RTF & Fly More Combo

Even the Mavic Mini is not on sale, is one of the best deal that you can get for $399. It is super compact. It weighs only 249 grams so no registration required in most countries. There is also Fly Moro Combo pack with 3 batteries, a two-way charger, a case, and lots of accessories for only $499.

11 11.2019 DJI Mavic Mini deal

The smaller member of the Mavic series features 2.7K camera and 3-axis mechanical stabilization. Through the Go Lite APP you access to QuickShots modes like Dronie and Rocket. The sweetest thing of the MINI is its flight time, in optimal conditions with a fully charged battery you can have up to 30 minutes of airborne time. 


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