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FQ777 FQ28 drone: Second flying EGG

FQ777 FQ28 drone
Even if the EGG design does not seem to be too aerodynamic, lately many drones like the FQ777 FQ28 are revealed. It is even more strange that Christmas comes and not Easter :).FQ777 announced the FQ28 in two variants. One with included remote controller and one with APP control. Both versions share similar features and same type of camera with...

Full Speed Beebee-66 FPV drone: Born for indoor flights

Full Speed Beebee-66 FPV drone
In my opinion, even if the Full Speed Beebee-66 is very small, due to the powerful brush-less motors it is suitable only for experienced pilots. The integrated blade protectors offers some protection, but the 40 mm propellers still can do damages if they bump into something.Full Speed, announced the Beebee-66 with 3 type of radio receivers. According to your existing...

TYRC TY6 pliable selfie drone with HD camera

TYRC TY6 pliable selfie drone
After foldable drones, here are the pliable drones. TYRC TY6 comes with an innovative pliable design. While when folded it has the size of 20.3 x 7.5 cm, unfolded has the size of 20.3 x 21 cm.Thanks to the barometric air-pressure sensor, the TYRC TY6 drone is capable to autonomously maintain its flight altitude. This feature is very useful for newbie pilots. Camera,...

JDRC JD-20: Poor man’s Spark drone

JDRC JD20 drone quadcopter
Like many cheap Chinese drones, the JDRC JD-20 also copies the design of a DJI product. Same as the VISUO XS809HW, renting the design of the popular Mavic Pro, the JDRC JD20 wants to imitate the smaller Spark.Don't be fooled, even if the camera seems to be like the Spark one, it doesn't have neither two axis gimbals nor offer the same...

Best buy drones for sale on 11.11 2017

Best drones for sale in 11.11.2017
In order to help my readers find the best drone for their budget, I recently created the "Drones by Price" section on FirstQuadcopter. I thought it would be also helpful to share some great drone savings. Especially that 11.11 will be next weekend and usually it comes with huge drone discounts.Probably Double Eleven is the world’s second most expected...

FuriBee QAV95 FPV drone: Micro brushlees Whoop

FuriBee QAV95 micro brushless Whoop
As the winter is already knocking on the door, it's time to reorient us from big drones to some more compact ones that are capable of indoor flying. With wheelbase of 95mm the FuriBee QAV95 seems perfect for outdoor flights as well as indoors fun.Biggest advantage of the FuriBee QAV95 over the popular TinyWhoop is that adopts brush-less motors instead of...

DROCON Blue Bugs: Drone for GoPro under $200

DROCON Blue Bugs 3 drone quadcopter
At first sight, the DROCON Blue Bugs with reliable brushless motors seems to be one of the best drone under $200 for GoPro and alike action cameras.Doing some research, I found some pretty nice aerial footage using the Blue Bugs and various action cameras (like: SJCam, Xiaomi and GitUp). Cheap cameras are OK, but honestly, the lack of GPS positioning...

JJRC H55 Tracker, GPS drone under $100

JJRC H55 TRACKER drone quadcopter
As in 2017 the favorites under $100 were the selfie drones, I think in 2018 it will be the ones with GPS positioning system like this JJRC H55 Tracker.In addition to the common features (like headless mode and alt-hold), the JJRC H55 has precise GPS assisted one key return to home aka RTH. From now on you don't need to...

JJRC H51 Rocket overview: Features and specs

JJRC H51 Rocket drone overview
Lately, most of the toy drone manufactures began to introduce more and more strange concepts: flying Eggs, Cubes, Christmas threes but, no flying pizzas - why? :D. Adopting "Rocket" shape design, the JJRC H51 seems like to be one of them.Although at first look you could find attractive the design of JJRC H51 Rocket, I don't understood its purpose. It...

JJRC JJPRO X3 HAX: Entry level brushless GPS drone

JJPRO X3 HAX drone
JJRC's deluxe department, called JJPRO, announced recently their first entry level brushless GPS drone. With a price tag of $150, seems like the JJRC X3 HAX will be a bestseller this Christmas.Brush-less motors against brushed ones offers more trust as failure ratio is less possible. They also provide more lifting power and accurate control.Thanks to the GPS positioning system,...

ImmersionRC Vortex 230 Mojo: Freestyle FPV drone

ImmersionRC Vortex 230 quadcopter
After I watched FinalGlideAus amazing freestyle flight video with the Vortex 230 Mojo drone, I could'n resist to write about it. ImmersionRC claims that, in order to test their new coating protection of the electronic parts, he flew through whale-spit. In my opinion probably was only a coincidence but, still an extraordinary footage.Additional to the FatShark Gen3 600TVL FPV camera, using the optional TPU camera...