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FPV DVR recorder

In this category I will introduce you the latest FPV DVRs and also review some drone DVRs.

DVR, is a device that allows to record the journey you FPV flights.

FPV DVR recorder news and reviews

Black Box DVR review: Easy way to Record your FPV flights

Black Box DVR review
When it comes to FPV flights, additional devices like this Black Box DVR are required to record the journey of your flights. In order to keep latency at lowest value possible, FPV cameras does not offer recording feature. You have two options to record your FPV flights with the Black Box Micro D1M DVR. One is to split the camera's video-out...

Mini FPV DVR w/ built-in battery: A must have in your backpack

Mini FPV DVR Module
After the Black Box DVR review, I'm back to introduce you another mini DVR for FPV with standalone operation (does not require external power source). Thank to the integrated playback feature you can preview your flights right on the flight field. On front panel besides the battery level indicator, you can found 3 control buttons (left, right and menu). While on...

FXT DVR review: 60FPS WIFI FPV recorder with battery

FXT DVR Review
When it comes to recording the journey of your FPV flights, there are two main approaches: on-board and ground station. The FXT DVR is suitable for both thanks to its built-in battery, small size, and low weight.  Moreover, it has a WiFi connection which allows controlling the HD FPV DVR remotely with your mobile device. For newbies, the FXT brand...

ImmersionRC PowerPlay-FPV DVR for FatShark goggles

ImmersionRC PowerPlay DVR
Like the FXT DVR, the ImmersionRC PowerPlay-FPV is also self powered. By default it comes with two 18500 type 1400mAh batteries, but for longer working time it can be loaded with 2040 mAh LIPOs. The DVR can be charged conveniently through the USB type--C port. While the PowerPlay DVR is specially designed for FatShark FPV goggles, it can be used...